"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Monday, July 31, 2006

The (Not So) Great Escape

Once again my youngest has made his escape! This time through a bedroom window ... popped the screen right off and scampered out into our partially fenced backyard. Where was "Mommy" ... well I was taking a wee nap on the couch ... not quite asleep ... with one ear listening for little stirring sounds. When the house gets too quiet, I begin to worry. The morning of his escape, he got up early ... around 5:00 ... so I put him in my bed and pulled out trundle for myself. But never really getting back to sleep, I got up and had my morning's coffee. So, thus, the need for the little nap. People, he's ten years old and has been wearing me down since birth! I try hard as I might to outsmart the little fellow, but he's got some determination!! By the time I discovered the escape route, I fetched the neighborhood police officer to put out an APB. And, of course, after doing so, the little fellow turns up in my garage. Thank goodness I dress him in shockingly bright colors to help spot him while we're out and about. I'm thinking of investing in one of those doggy wire fences and buying two collars ... one for my dog, and one for my son (no joke)! So far, I've got every door double locked. I've even put a bedroom button type lock on the laundryroom door (backwards) so he can't undo the button. He's noticed me using a pin-key to open it, and you can bet, before too long, he'll have that figured out too. My new home will be wired top to bottom with bells and buzzers from a security company; even the windows!! That way I can at least listen for chimes when a window or door opens. How does barb-wire sound around the backyard play area? ... again no kidding?
(For those out of the loop, my son has Down syndrome)


Birmingham Girl said...

Good thing the Lord gave you an extra measure of energy because from the sound of it, Nathan's going to use every drop of it! You amaze me..truly you do. God knows who the special parents are and he blesses them with special children. My husband has a cousin who also has Down syndrome. She is now in her 50's but whenever I think about her, all that comes to mind is the enormous amount of love she gives. By the way, his Aunt was special, a lot like you. Have you thought of using bungie cords as a belt between you and Nathan? :)

Mrs. Diamond said...

bless your heart....I would definitely have alarms set up.

Mrs. Darling said...

I dont think Ive ever metnioned it but I worked at a childrens home for DS kids and years after that I moved in as a nanny for a family with a 13 year old boy that had Downs. I have a special place in my heart for these kids.

But I have to say they are a handful as I'm sure you know. As a nanny we couldnt even keep screens on the window because he would pull them off all the time. He also loved shaving creme and if we werent looking he'd coat the bathroom from floor to ceiling in it.

He also was an escape artist! That part is scary!

But the greatest escapee I'ave ever encountered was my own little Peter. We had locks put up by the cieling of every door. One night the neighbor came by with Peter. It was 10 pm and he had gotten out the front door and was walking down the culdesac. It was Halloween and we had forgotten to lock the door after each little monster came knocking. Peter was 2 at the time. It's a terrible feeling!

I'm wishing you all the best and sending prayrs your way. Blessings.

gramma_s said...

Sounds like you could use another "Treetop Lullaby" My thoughts and prayers are with you.