"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Treetop Lullaby

What a rush today ... I sat for over an hour alone in the woods at my property just listening to the wind in the treetops! Off in the distance was the echo of a ghost train from bygone days, signaling its crossing over the prairie. A windchime sang from a distant neighbor's yard ... rich in tone, not the tinkly sounds given off by a dimestore variety ... but the tonal bass sounds of perhaps a seashore foghorn on a distant shore. The warmth of the sun perfumed the air with pine scent and wild flowers. If only I had my hammock to swing effortlessly from the gentle breeze, now that would have been a perfect afternoon.

When dh and I bought our land, it took months for me to feel comfortable traipsing through the overgrowth. Now I walk exploring with out dread fear of snakes and buzzing bees. The grasshoppers were out in force with their clicking sound as they bounded from bush to bush. My beautiful raspberries that were left on the canes have withered into the most delicious wild "candy" ... a sweet treat to munch on during my little visits. Still looking at the ripening of the huckleberries ... there are loads of them ... soon, very soon.

Back to reality ... I now hear the freeway sounds from the summer traffic. Once winter sets in, the prairie will be quieter at night. But for now, the city buzzes with manmade sounds.

Take me away to my trees once again to hear the Lord's whispering voice. Deep inside, I've always enjoyed being alone with God. From the young age of seven, I would ride my bicycle to church on Sunday mornings to attend the 6:30 mass. My family would still be sleeping ... but I needed my quiet time with my Father, in His house. They would go to church later, but if they only knew what they missed out on by not getting up early before the world was awake.

It's late and church will come early enough. Have a blessed Sunday rich in the Lord.

Mrs. Mac
Photo by "Me" 7/29/06


Birmingham Girl said...

A beautiful lullaby. I was just thinking on the same subject..the body needs moments of rest and restoration. It doesn't take much to rest the soul, just to listen to the quiet works wonders. I don't know about getting over the fear of snakes though...that would be a tough one for me!

Mrs. Diamond said...

Beautiful picture and peaceful words. Yes the hammock would have been the perfect touch!

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