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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Eclectic Design ... (Translation: I Can't Make Up My Mind)

How many types of metal hardware does the world have to offer. There's oiled bronze, brushed nickle, chrome, antique brass, polished brass, lacquered brass, copper, stainless (what am I forgetting?). How in the heck does one make such a choice when trying to pull off designing a home? To start with, I have an heirloom dining room light (from my grandparent's home) with antique metal brass trim, a milky white glass shade, and amber prisms. My kitchen appliances will be painted white with titanium handles (this is ok as I've seen lots of stainless mixed in country kitchen designs). The hardware to my bedroom set is oiled bronze ... which I'm now leaning towards for the rest of the fixtures. The last house had shiny laquered brass ... don't want that again. Thank goodness for the eclectic design catagory. Most of our furnishings were bought separately and don't belong to a "set" ... This we did on purpose as if we've just been collecting over the years (which we have). Then there's the little cast iron wood stove that I can have painted. Don't forget the door knobs and faucets too. This has to be narrowed down soon as I have an appointment later today with the indoor/outdoor lighting company. Let's see, my hair appointment is at 10:00 AM ... should I have her put in some copper highlights?


Birmingham Girl said...

Copper highlights would be nice, but I'd stay away from the shiny brass look! If your like me, you've gone through dozens of magazines to narrow down exactly what you want, but it's still overwhelming! I agree, a mixture of finishes looks best, it's more personal and less "model home-ish". Love your blog.

Lee-ann said...

It must be getting very close to the finished design now that you are looking at door furniture and the like!

the journey in building a new home is so long and you wonder will it ever be over.

My husband left today to go to work with our apprentices and staff knowing they are about to finish their 35th house so far this year. I sometimes miss being with them but then I think here I sit with friends, coffee in hand and the washing machine doing it all for me! :o)

You must tell me more about your lovely cook books some day, thank you for the visit to my blog I was pleased to see you again.

best wishes have a lovely day!

gramma_s said...

The dinning room light is lovely.How special it is to have a keep sake like that. I'll bet it has lots of memories.

Maggie Ann said...

Decisions, decisions. I have a hard time making up my mind on details. My Mum used snap judgement and loved her choices. At least there are choices...=)