"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas (Again)

(Sigh) ... Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. I like winter and have even been dubbed the Snow Queen by my Canadian friend, Miss Terry. She's always joking about me sending snow up her way. Well, here comes another round of the white stuff. Old Man Winter just won't let loose of his chilling grip. I guess I'll have to postpone dreaming about my veggie garden. A revision of when to start indoor seed trays will have to be made. Tomorrow my parents arrive for a two week stay ... maybe I should call them to make sure they are bringing their heavy coats. Last week we received about four inches ... it melted within a day or so. Here's hoping by next week we will begin to warm up into the 50's.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Going, Going, Gray

Some of you will think I'm nuts ... but I'm about to embark on a journey that will find out what the true color of my hair is. Of course, I know it's got a lot of gray in it ... but I'm curious as to HOW much gray there be! I'm a bit tired of keeping up with the continuous touch ups ... not to mention the drain in my wallet. Hollywood has been knocking at the doors of the everyday housewife and career woman young and old for the past fifty years ... youth has run amuck and I'm crying foul. Slavery was defeated years ago and I'm going to put down the box of Lady Clairol in preference for my natural state of age. This does not mean that Mrs. Mac is going to "let herself go." I've seen plenty of stylish gray haired women that can pull off the graceful aging gig. I don't plan on sporting pink or blue hair ... nor shall I cut it short and have a perm. Just wait and see ... along with me. If I never post a picture of myself again ... well, you will know that this experiment has failed! ... stay tuned, maybe not, eh?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Birthday of Note

Today is Nathan's twelfth birthday. Considering he has beaten grave odds for survival, his presence has inspired me beyond imagination. I'm off to have lunch with him but hope to be back to posting soon.

Friday, March 07, 2008

A Fun Time Had At The Dentist

I got a note home from school last week that Nathan was complaining his tooth hurt. And a few days ago as I helped him brush his teeth before bed he complained to me. It's hard to figure exactly what was bothering him ... and trying to give him an oral exam is a tricky deal. So I made him an appointment with his pediatric dentist. Knowing full well that he'd put up a stink about this visit, I started preparing him the night before with details about the next day's visit. He was none too happy ... except that he could sleep in and go to school late ... throw in a trip to McDonalds and the library for good measure, and I had him convinced the check up was a good thing. This was his first dental exam that a sedative or a papoose was not involved. He was such a big boy and other than asking if he was going to get a shot ... and nervously shaking like a cold wet dog ... he left the office saying he had FUN! He is cavity free ... his tooth problem could be from wear and tear on his baby teeth ... or an adult tooth trying to push out a baby tooth. Being twelve years and having only two permanent teeth is frustrating.

Photo: Vintage advertisement for toothache drops containing cocaine! Can you imagine going to the drugstore today and purchasing this product?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Spoiled Mama

I'm just now coming down from could nine after all of the attention given to me by the Mr. this past week. The whirlwind has passed and now the dust must settle. Back to reality. My glass slippers are shelved until the next milestone. The tiara has been returned to the vault ... butler released from duty ... cook sent packing ... maid let go ... and I now sit at home alone with my feather duster and can of Endust ... boo, hoo. I'm a survivor ... and shall rise once again from the ashes. To what? Retirement beckons ... wait a minute sister ... my life won't really change. I still have motherly and grandmotherly duties to take care of. The dawg needs her daily cookie and walk ... garden seeds need to be planted in the pony pack trays ... there are countless tasks calling my name come spring. Window tracks to clean out ... flowerbeds to clean ... patio furniture to dust off once my snow mound melts ... a BBQ to rescue ... aaah, common life is beautiful; I'm not cut out to be a full time queen.