"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Spoiled Mama

I'm just now coming down from could nine after all of the attention given to me by the Mr. this past week. The whirlwind has passed and now the dust must settle. Back to reality. My glass slippers are shelved until the next milestone. The tiara has been returned to the vault ... butler released from duty ... cook sent packing ... maid let go ... and I now sit at home alone with my feather duster and can of Endust ... boo, hoo. I'm a survivor ... and shall rise once again from the ashes. To what? Retirement beckons ... wait a minute sister ... my life won't really change. I still have motherly and grandmotherly duties to take care of. The dawg needs her daily cookie and walk ... garden seeds need to be planted in the pony pack trays ... there are countless tasks calling my name come spring. Window tracks to clean out ... flowerbeds to clean ... patio furniture to dust off once my snow mound melts ... a BBQ to rescue ... aaah, common life is beautiful; I'm not cut out to be a full time queen.


Anonymous said...
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Constance said...

Being pampered is really nice, once in a while! I couldn't do it full-time, I'm too restless! I've always been a take charge kind of gal, not waiting for someone else to take care of something. I joke with my Hub and remind him of how fortunate he is to have such a low-maintainence wife! We got about an inch of snow last evening and it'll be gone before noon today! The last cold snap for us and soon I'll be out taming the yard!

Northeast Iowa Mom said...

Now just wait one minute here, lady! We are supposed to DUST THE PATIO FURNITURE? I have never once dusted my lawn furniture!! Maybe that's why Martha Stewart still has not done a feature article on me.

Louise said...

I couldn't do the Queen thing for long either. At least I don't think I could. But every now & again it's nice and I experience that when my husband cooks. He's an excellent cook and enjoys doing it .. and I enjoy letting him have his way in the kitchen. So in one respect, I get royalty treatment more often than I realized.

Pat said...

Sometimes being queen for a day, gives us that boost we need to continue on being a servant!
I'm so glad you had your time wearing the crown, now go dust that patio furniture!!

Jim said...

Hello, Mrs. M -- Retirement will be a lot better. Mr. M can do most all of those things in his spare time.
That's what I do for Mrs. Jim. That way she has time for her golf on Tuesdays and Fridays, bridge on Mondays and Wednesdays, and a little cooking on Fridays.
I don't do (neither does she) a lot of those things you mentioned. Our window tracks aren't dirty yet, they are only nine years old. Your house is newer than that. Our patio furniture? We let the wind blow it off every evening, crumbs and scraps and all.
I should give you some household tips while you are doing it yourself. The leaf blower works fine for sweeping. We gave the BBQ away, and so on and so on.
Oh yes, I don't even know what a pony pack tray is? We didn't have one on the farm either even when we had ponies and horses. They ate out of troughs, and no flowers for sure.

Margie said...

I like to get away, but I am always glad to come back home, even if it means coming home to laundry.

Maggie Ann said...

Memories are enriched by glass slippers and an enchanted night out. Glad you had a wonderful time. But oh, those waiting window tracks..not my favorite thing to do. Are you still taking a scrapbooking class? Its fun to get stamps & artsy things isn't it. If you haven't already, when you go to Michael's or a bookstore, look for the Somerset Life mag. Its full of art goodies. =) Great inspiration!