"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Snow Good

Just a dusting of snow, maybe one inch during the evening commute was predicted. Our weather guys sure missed the mark yesterday. It began snowing around 2-ish in the afternoon and more than a dusting was deposited, which meant I had to get my exercise this morning shoveling the driveway and sidewalk. Our roads had just dried out from the last dumping of snow a week or so ago. There was even a "train -vs- auto" not far from home. No injuries (thank God) ...

What I'm glad for today:
1. The ability to shovel snow :) ... it's really good exercise!
2. A warm home, food, and winter clothes
3. My new neighbor friend, Paula

I wonder if Miss Terry has any snow up in Manitoba??

Leave me a note about something you're thankful for today.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

My kitchen is just waiting for a stove ... then I can begin to really cook. The green paint looks a bit washed out in the photo ... it's a bit warmer looking. Cabinets are rustic hickory; dh's choice, but I think they look fab. Can't you just see me standing there in my "Kiss The Cook" apron fixin vittles? I've posted s-more pics on my This New House site ... over there to the right.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Michelle at Big Blueberry Eyes had this on her blog today so I played along for my birthyear of 1958:

In 1958 (the year you were born)

Dwight Eisenhower is president of the US

The first US earth satellite, Explorer I, goes into orbit

Rocker Jerry Lee Lewis marries his 13 year old second cousin, Myra Brown

The "Quiz Show Scandals" rock the television industry and the nation

Vice President Richard Nixon faces hostile anti-American mobs during a visit to South America

14 year old Bobby Fischer wins the United States Chess Championship

Ellen DeGeneres, Michael Jackson, Ice-T, and Mark Cuban are born

New York Yankees win the World Series

Baltimore Colts win the NFL championship

Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup

Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote is published

Elvis Presley enters the U.S. Army

Monday, January 22, 2007

Small Talk

Have you ever been paid a "backwards" compliment and found it so very hard not to laugh at the person giving you the compliment? Last night's conversation with Nathan was one of those moments in a parents life when biting your tongue was necessary. While at my desk he came over to make small talk (literally as it's hard to understand most of his language) ... but he used his best "doggy-ism" with me, patted my head and lovingly looked into my eyes while saying, "Good Dog"! Of course, I was excited to be able to understand his speech ... but then it hit me what he was saying and I nearly rolled off my chair ... but quickly regained my best motherly composure and thanked him for the "compliment" ;)

Quote of the day: "Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. and let us not neglect our meeting together ..." Hebrews 10:25

Sunday, January 21, 2007

For Ladies Only (please)

Now how brazen am I to write a post about burning your bra? I've hated them ever since the "training" days ;) I must take after my dear sweet little grandmother, Donna. She never wore one ... but preferred to wear a full dress slip. I'd like to personally meet the guy that dreamed up this garment ... certainly a gal would not come up with such a contraption. Are you with me ladies? Or do you have some special comfy bra that you just can't wait to slip into? Let me know, because over at sara's she's asked how long after you get home from work until your bra comes off :) The lovely lady above is wearing the style of garment that graces me each day. I have black and beige and can't imagine ever going back to the dark days of wearing a bra. It's a Flexee "One Fabulous Body camisole is available in Body Beige & Black. Sizes Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and 2XL." I got mine at Macy's.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Laundry Day Memories

Yesterday I posted about a laundry episode I'd like soon to forget. But today, I'm a bit melancholy and find pleasant memories surfacing about my grandma Donna. She had her laundry room right in her kitchen. At one point, the washer and dryer were hidden in a closet that protruded from a side wall. Someone took down the enclosure which opened up the kitchen a bit and gave her "counter space" by using the tops of the washer and dryer. Grandma always had a certain day of the week for laundry. Half of her items were hung outside on the line ... but she preferred her towels to go in the dryer. My job in all of this was ironing the pillowcases and grandpa's white hankies. There were never any missing socks as she washed his dress socks and her support hose out by hand. The clothes line was always wiped down before use ... because she fed day old bread to the sparrows (I don't need to explain that one). My bestest treat would be to spend the night and have freshly line dried and pressed sheets. Imagine a kid today appreciating such a thing. Her washing machine from the 1960's is (last I knew) still being used by the elderly lady that bought my grandparent's home a few years ago (must have been a Maytag, ya think). She always insisted that the machine would last longer by not overfilling it with laundry ... she may have been on to something. Of course, she didn't have to do the mounds of clothes I have washed raising my brood. My dad's mom had an electric wringer type washer down in her cellar. To my best recollection, she didn't have a dryer, but hung EVERYTHING outside ... or in the basement to dry in the winter. She made her own lye soap and had a big smooth stick she'd use to swish the soap in the water before adding the laundry. Ironing everything was a must ... she worked tirelessly to keep up with the work at hand. My memories of her include a large garden she tended and loads of canning equipment down in the cellar including the fruit of her labor. My favorite were her canned beans. Nothing went to waste. Have to run and put the cars in the garage ... it's snowing again. Care to share a special memory of your grandma (or grandpa)? I'd love to reminisce with you.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Fangled Piece of Junk ... (my old/new washing machine that is)

About a week and a half ago I was washing a load of laundry. Periodically I'd hear an odd sounding beeping noise. Inquiring with everyone at home that day as to whose phone was beeping, and the sound still occassionally blurting out, I started checking room by room for the offending noise. Then, I opened the laundryroom door and saw the washing machine display flashing a code "FL" ... According to the manual, it meant oversudsing ... how could that be? I'm careful and even use the "HE" low sudsing Tide. I tried the method suggested to clear the code, but to no avail. According the the technician at the other end of the 1-800 number, I needed to place a service call. My five year old "Cadillac" washing machine could not be fixed by me and required an expensive house call. At two years of age, the machine needed a U-boot replaced. This I've come to find out via the internet that a class action lawsuit has been filed against the manufacturer (Whirl@#%*!) . That repair cost me about $300 for parts and service, plus my machine was in the shop for two weeks (how convenient). This machine was a top of the line "top loader" that "saved water & energy! The original price of this fine piece of equipment was around $1,000. Supposedly you could recoup the higher cost of the machine in water, detergent, and energy savings ... over how long, I'm not entirely sure. Needless to say after checking with dh, he said not to put any more money into repairs for the washer, and to go out and buy a new one ... but make sure to buy an old fashioned one that has push/pull dials and no computerized brain in it. I guess now I have to retrain myself how to do laundry. The new/old fashioned washer arrived a few days ago.Let's see: some whites need to be presoaked, and I have to adjust the water level myself by determining what size load I'm washing ... and what temperature of water for whites/colors/etc. Lesson learned: Don't buy any new fangled machine or gadget that has not been in production for at least two years; pay the money to view Consumer Guides recommendation; don't make the mistake of giving a good review to a friend on a new product that is not proven; a machine with a "brain" can be less reliable than a machine with plain old dial/gears; and last ... just because a product touts to save energy it's of no use if you have to dispose of it prematurely in a landfill because it's an expensive piece of junk. Saving $ ... BET ME!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Nathan's "College Adventures"

Today, the little fellow went on a field trip with all the area fifth grade classes to the local city college for an auditorium presentation relating to Martin Luther King Day. When I first got wind of the upcoming trip, I panicked a bit ... knowing my son all too well and his trepidation of sitting in a theater ... especially once the lights go out. I've been summoned in past years to come and pick up my little man because he wouldn't cooperate. This, mind you, when he was placed in a spec. ed class for severely handicapped kids (not to this mom's liking btw). Today went great .. he lasted about 1/2 hour and wanted to leave once the lights started going on and off. But, being in a school district that is way better organized, they were prepared ahead of time for his possible departure from the production. I did not have to go retrieve him. The more he's exposed to "normal" situations and not totally separated by a label, he has been expanding his horizons. I'll take a half hour of "normal" over missing out on the opportunity all together any day!

This is posting a few days late as I was under the weather with a minor bug. All better now, thanks for the prayers. 1/14/07

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Under The Weather

Blowy, snowy ... that's all I can say about last nights weather. A snowdrift greeted me as I opened my front door this morning. Some places in the yard were two feet deep with drifts, other places had bare grass showing. Since I'm a bit under the weather, literally, I'm going to rest today as I've got some type of 24 hour bug. Maybe tomorrow the snow ball fight can resume. ttfn

Sunday, January 07, 2007

A "cyber" Snow Ball Fight?

My dear northern neighbor, Miss Terry, has challenged me to a "snowball" fight. I guess I deserve it (really) after taunting her the past week or so with my little jingley animated snow scenes at the top right of my page. Yes, she has taken the clipart personally and is just waiting for Nathan to leave my side so she can hit me with a big snowball (imagine that) (lol). This is just good clean fun and I shall gladly take on her challenge. I've even begun building my snow fort and am currently stockpiling some doozy ammo. Only problem, she has no snow to play in (yet). She keeps waiting, but it seems Ideeho (Idaho) gets her portion. Maybe next week she can come out to "play" ... I sure hope so cuz it's no fun having a snowball fight all by my lonesome (lol).

[Mrs. Mac,,,They are telling us that snow is finally coming!!So next time instead of sending you pretty flowers, I will be throwing a big snow ball right at YOU!! You better get that Little Gift to protect you because if he is any where near I WON'T throw any snow balls. I will just wait until he is safely in his bed before I attack his snow loving mom!! hee hee!!!] Miss Terry's exact words (lol)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Watch The Finger Wagging

I don't have much to offer you today as I'm off to meet with the painter and then pick up a friend at the airport ... but I leave you with this funny finger pointing story from a stay at home/home schooling dad that innocently taught his 4 year old daughter a new twist on the not so fine use of finger puppet (hand gesters) ... go ahead, it's a short ... but funny story ... here's Family Phil.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Wee Nest

Last night my (soldier) son called and we must have gabbed for 45 minutes or more talking about his new electric skillet and coffee maker that he got for Christmas. Must miss his mom's home cooking as he asked for some easy recipes (big smile). His room on post has a sink, refrigerator, and a microwave oven. So the addition of the aforementioned appliances will help him have something other than chowhall or fast food. He said he couldn't wait to come back home for another visit. I cherished our conversation and have tucked it away in my heart and mind to keep him close to me. Good lord, I miss him! (sniffle, snuff, snuff, sniffle ... oh, pass me a tissue please!) My nest is half full (just being optimistic folks :) Oldest daughter, Elizabeth is off on her own ... happily married for 3+ weeks now. The next to fly away will be Ann. She used to tell me she wanted to live around the corner from me when she got married; I think it had something to do with her lack of cooking skills; lately she's been lending an active hand in the kitchen. (Around the corner may be too close for her future hubby... but the same town would be nice.) That leaves my littlest bird, Nathan ... who by the way invited me to go to school with him today ... (Mommy needs a little break, Sweetie) ... He's a perpetual youth ... a bit like Peter Pan ... and keeps me young at heart (if only I could bottle him and never have to wear a red hat or purple clothes). Motherhood - the hardest & "bestest" job in the whole wide world!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Crazy Weather

Yesterday we had snow showers and temperatures in the high twenties ... Last night and this morning the air turned "balmy" ... I can't even depend on the weather channel to help me decide what to wear, or which car to drive (regular tires -vs- snow tires). My friend in Iowa hung out her sheets to dry on the line. It's the beginning of January. Don't worry, I'm thinking I'll just be glad about not having to shovel snow today. Tomorrow the little darlings head back to school ... and I have a gal-friend flying in on Friday for a two day visit. In between there's lots to do this week ... especially having to decide on interior paint colors. After meeting with the drywall finisher last week, he's going to give the public rooms a hand finish similar to old plaster walls (everything old is new again). Hope to get a few new pics taken next week showing our new home's progress. Normally, I'd tell you all to stay warm ... but I think today, I'll close by saying ... stay cool!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Is Your Glass Half Full?

As I sleepilly channel surfed the pre-midnight news last night, a health study documentary caught my interest regarding optimists living on average 7 years longer and having healthier immune systems. Go ahead, check out the link provided and read the scientific results. For a shortened recap go here.

Next time I refer to myself as having a "Pollyanna" spirit ... or even suggest that one of you, my friends, are exhibiting such a trait ... now you know I mean it as a high form of a compliment. How are you at being glad?

Reminds me of Galations 5:22:

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.