"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Sunday, January 07, 2007

A "cyber" Snow Ball Fight?

My dear northern neighbor, Miss Terry, has challenged me to a "snowball" fight. I guess I deserve it (really) after taunting her the past week or so with my little jingley animated snow scenes at the top right of my page. Yes, she has taken the clipart personally and is just waiting for Nathan to leave my side so she can hit me with a big snowball (imagine that) (lol). This is just good clean fun and I shall gladly take on her challenge. I've even begun building my snow fort and am currently stockpiling some doozy ammo. Only problem, she has no snow to play in (yet). She keeps waiting, but it seems Ideeho (Idaho) gets her portion. Maybe next week she can come out to "play" ... I sure hope so cuz it's no fun having a snowball fight all by my lonesome (lol).

[Mrs. Mac,,,They are telling us that snow is finally coming!!So next time instead of sending you pretty flowers, I will be throwing a big snow ball right at YOU!! You better get that Little Gift to protect you because if he is any where near I WON'T throw any snow balls. I will just wait until he is safely in his bed before I attack his snow loving mom!! hee hee!!!] Miss Terry's exact words (lol)


Pat said...

Keep the snow in
It does look like Michigan is going to get a little too though!

Saija said...

i'm a rotten aim, it would somehow boomerang ... i just know it!

Margie said...

its coming this way too, Sara will be happy! I, however, will be happy for her. Me no like snow unless I can stay inside and watch it fall from the sky or shovel it on a dark night with the light glistening off it, while all is quiet. 9:30PM is the best time to shovel snow.

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac..I was just about to go and defrag my machine but thought I would pop over to see you first.

Well I do declare, you are building yourself a snow fort!!
Well I will just send some Ontario sunshine over and melt it all up!
I think I will ask Jel to help me out in this. Did you know she is Sunshine herself?

Well I am off and if we DO get snow Mrs. Mac, I will be doing more than wagging my finger at you!! Trust me it won't be a pretty sight!! hee..hee!!.....Love Terry

Hey Little Gift Tell your Mama that she can run but she can't hide!!!

Mrs. Darling said...

Love the pic! Lol. I would love to get some of your snow!

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac, I thought we were going to get snow tonight but so far so good!! I have to admit that this is such a cute snowman that you have here!! I just bet that Nathan really likes it or maybe that is the little guy himself that is rolling around.
Or it wouldn't be perhaps a giant snowball that you are making to throw at me!!! NOT nice!!...Love Terry

Northeast Iowa Mom said...

Okay, so how does this work? I wanna play too!

Jada's Gigi said...

Definitley no snow for us here! but it looks like a grand snow fort in that pic!