"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Well ....

That's a deep subject;) I have a computer. I have a connection. I have writer's block. I guess;)?

Nothing is pouring out of the deep recesses of my brain ... probably a good thing.

I'm just waiting to find the usb cable to hook up my camera to the computer so I can add photos.

January has been a rather nice month so far. No snow. No shoveling. No need for snow shoes. No problem walking around the property from snow drifts. No shoveling the roof. No need for four wheel drive. No plowing. Enough positive no's.

Getting ready to visit the 'happiest place on earth.' Nathan is hyped!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back In Business ...

... finally. It's been ever so long since I had a working computer at home. After much fuss, my new laptop is up and running. Hip, hip, hooray! Thank you son-in-law, Ryan, for helping get us up and running.

I'm way over my meltdown in the last post. This week has seen some positive changes! Nathan has matured leaps and bounds and is blessing my socks off by getting himself ready for bed all by himself! That's right! A big step towards his independence. All I have to do is check his teeth, which he readily allows me to do without asking him. We used to fight tooth and nail to get this night time routine going. My evenings are taking on a more relaxing tone. He's venturing out more and more from the safety of his room ... and has re-established his morning school routine which had gone by the wayside during the Christmas break.

I think life is getting rosy. Maybe it's my glasses;)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mommy Had A Meltdown

again ... and Hubby came to the rescue! What to do? I had to pick up Nathan from school to get him to a dental appointment last week. This after the day before taking him for a psychological evaluation all by my lonesome. Not to mention it was the docs first day .. and Nathan was his first patient. My child shyly hid behind my arm barely engaging or looking the doc in the eye .. and I had to interpret his muttered speech. I think the doc was amazed I could translate a favorite movie beas chs..mssss into 'Beauty And The Beast, The Enchanted Christmas'. How on earth an evaluation can be made with a non compliant child is beyond me ... but pray that the doc got enough info because we really need the eval. On to the meltdown ... after suffering through the previous day ... my nerves were frazzled. This dental appointment was made a few months ago. Most days I can count on one of my adult children or husband to keep an eye on things at home so I can run a few errands. But one by one as I asked nonchalantly what everyone's plans for the day were ... they had somewhere to go. How would I manage Nathan at the dental office AND take care of my little two year old grandson? Hubby was soon to be on his way to work ... I had only mentioned is the car seat in the garage ... when it was discovered that Ann had it strapped to a seat in her van ... sitting in a parking lot at college ... thirty minutes away. Here comes the meltdown part. My knees started getting weak .. I had that queasy feeling wash over me .. for a moment I even thought about calling the dental office and telling a little white lie about Nathan being sick ... but they were out to lunch and no one answered the phone ... they require a good reason to cancel so late ... or you get charged for the appointment. I had a good reason ... but one probably not on their list. Come to think of it ... I was too ashamed to make the dastardly call and asked hubby to do the dirty work. Aaah .. well, I can't get a hold of the dentist .. I can't leave to get son because baby is with me and without a car seat ... and hubby is getting ready to leave for work. I was really wondering when hubby would just say ... honey it's OK ... I'll just call into work and take a few hours of personal time when out flew those words from his lips .. that was my green light to head for Nathan's school not even knowing if hubby could get the OK to come in late. God must have overlooked the almost white lie I asked hubby to tell ... and He had gone before me to prepare Nathan to be in a good mood at the dentist office ... and on a scale of 1 to 10 .. he got a 9 for cooperating this time. No papoose or sedative was used ... only a minor restraint from three adults as the doctor lowered the exam chair. Life is not normally this hectic as I don't venture out much and for good reason.

My name is Mrs. Mac ... and I'm a recovering mother of a special needs child ;)
Nathan is my son that possesses and extra chromosome.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hello old blog of mine ...

.. I've been so neglectful of late!

This week is winding down; some days were in the valley .. and others on top of the mountain. Let's just say it appears to be ending on top :) A good thing.

Our weather has turned balmy. Today was 45F and partly sunny. This is a coat free day around here. All of our snow has melted. I can see my veggie gardens .. they are calling to me. Today I started up my compost collection bin that I keep under my sink in milder weather (exciting to me:) and I plan on planting my daffodil bulbs that I forgot to plant last fall. They have been chilling in the garage. The soil is soft enough to plant.

Nathan is working on using his inside voice and saying 'yes' more often than 'NO.' He has spent more time out of his bedroom with his family than being alone in his room ... a good thing. Saturday will be hair cut day ... and ... well ... you can read what that's like here (The 100 MPH Haircut). Maybe I'll have something positive to say about it this time around.

Friday is my decompression day. Hiking, shopping, knitting, and writing a few letters. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Dance

Today is a good computer day. We now have a high speed connection. To be honest ... I started hating even checking blogs (not the writers) due to the s...l...o...w bouncy signal. And my iPhone is fine for quick checks for directions or getting calls ... but not for 'surfing' .. All we needed was a high power router. So easy! Still checking for a good deal on a laptop.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

A Good Day To ...

.... put all of last year's Christmas decor away. This will free up my date on Monday with hubby and give the new year a fresh slate to begin my cleaning frenzy this month.

Our weather turned balmy (mid to high 30'sF) ... warm enough to allow the snow to melt. I can see places in the backyard that need to be regraded a bit after last winter's flood ... and having a heavy duty bobcat scoop away the 'icebergs' ... the snow melt has pooled in one area.

Daylight's burning (can you guess which western movie star coined this phrase?)

Good Day (another ending from __________?)

Friday, January 01, 2010

Out With The Old ....

.....in with the new. Breath in. Breath out. Inhale .. Exhale. Aaaah. Today begins a new decade, new year, new month, and a new year of blogging. My post here is a conglomeration of sentences from the first post of each month last year. A smorgasbord of life ... from a little old lady in the North Woods that plays in the dirt, talks to herself, is young at heart, crazy with zest for life, and fully aware that God has a grip on me. If this post makes no sense ... that's OK.

Ring in the New Year with a sense of humor ... a grateful heart for being alive ... an outlook full of possibilities of the days to come. Vacation mode is over and I'm not in the swing of things just yet. I have lots of stuff/ideas floating in my head ... but 'nare the time to sit and ponder. Maybe I should go get dressed so I'm not such a fright to look at should someone come knocking at the door. I hope to resolve the pc problem soon.

I says to me self, yes, when I was a wee child in first grade, hiding under me school desk during a 'A bomb drill' ... and remembering back through the fog the teacher's conversation about one day having "these United States taken over by the communists from within" ... to be exact ... she/he said that they (the communist) would plot to take over the land and we wouldn't be able to know they were the enemy because they would dress, talk, work beside us and go unnoticed until one day they overthrew us.

I think 'lazy days' are a fond memory from my youth. There, I canceled our TV service this past June. I have lots to do in preparation for the newest Scarf Sister's adventure.
Rain, autumn leaves,
wind rustling through the pines, cloud draped moon, breath suspended mid air, a tinge of frost with the last of the garden
hanging on by deep roots
and straw bed covers. Oh how I marvel at the work of
God's creative hand
exchanging the pages of summer for the warm fire glow of fall.

Loving the time change ... a whole extra hour alone in the morning when everybody else is using their external alarm clocks ... I'm still using my internal one .... coffee in the stillness of the morning ... before the rush of the day .... ALONE ... aaaah, reason to rejoice! I have to confess, since we got rid of our cable TV, life has taken a much slower, less hectic pace!
That's a wrap! I wonder what things we are in store for this year. Lord, please go easy on us, we still have lots to learn ... and we're a little slow here on earth.

Happy New Year

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