"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Friday, January 01, 2010

Out With The Old ....

.....in with the new. Breath in. Breath out. Inhale .. Exhale. Aaaah. Today begins a new decade, new year, new month, and a new year of blogging. My post here is a conglomeration of sentences from the first post of each month last year. A smorgasbord of life ... from a little old lady in the North Woods that plays in the dirt, talks to herself, is young at heart, crazy with zest for life, and fully aware that God has a grip on me. If this post makes no sense ... that's OK.

Ring in the New Year with a sense of humor ... a grateful heart for being alive ... an outlook full of possibilities of the days to come. Vacation mode is over and I'm not in the swing of things just yet. I have lots of stuff/ideas floating in my head ... but 'nare the time to sit and ponder. Maybe I should go get dressed so I'm not such a fright to look at should someone come knocking at the door. I hope to resolve the pc problem soon.

I says to me self, yes, when I was a wee child in first grade, hiding under me school desk during a 'A bomb drill' ... and remembering back through the fog the teacher's conversation about one day having "these United States taken over by the communists from within" ... to be exact ... she/he said that they (the communist) would plot to take over the land and we wouldn't be able to know they were the enemy because they would dress, talk, work beside us and go unnoticed until one day they overthrew us.

I think 'lazy days' are a fond memory from my youth. There, I canceled our TV service this past June. I have lots to do in preparation for the newest Scarf Sister's adventure.
Rain, autumn leaves,
wind rustling through the pines, cloud draped moon, breath suspended mid air, a tinge of frost with the last of the garden
hanging on by deep roots
and straw bed covers. Oh how I marvel at the work of
God's creative hand
exchanging the pages of summer for the warm fire glow of fall.

Loving the time change ... a whole extra hour alone in the morning when everybody else is using their external alarm clocks ... I'm still using my internal one .... coffee in the stillness of the morning ... before the rush of the day .... ALONE ... aaaah, reason to rejoice! I have to confess, since we got rid of our cable TV, life has taken a much slower, less hectic pace!
That's a wrap! I wonder what things we are in store for this year. Lord, please go easy on us, we still have lots to learn ... and we're a little slow here on earth.

Happy New Year

artwork from here


Sara said...

Happy new year to the Macs one and all!

Anonymous said...

Goodness! I did not plan enough time to sit here at the pc - I'll be back! (famous movie line - do know where from?)

Looks like you might've received a new laptop under the tree?


Mrs. Mac said...

Well, Barbara, I cheated and 'googled' that line ... parts of it registered with an old movie called,"Office Space" ... filmed in Austin, TX ... am I close?

Yes and No to the laptop. I am 'borrowing' the one I (ahem) 'loaned' to my oldest daughter several years ago ...& using her portable internet connection. Being that it's been drop kicked a few times, had the cable chewed apart by her puppy, and the 'a' keypad sticks or falls off, I'm going to be buying my own, not to be shared, computer as soon as hubby gives me his blessing ... since he's the one that brings home the bacon (I just fry it up;)

Maggie Ann said...

Happy New Year! I enjoyed your post and prose..=). Such a pretty blog....

Jada's Gigi said...

Don't the years just fly by?? Hope this one is blessed!

Anonymous said...

Well, that was worth coming back for ~ but this post DID remind me how fast a year can go by.

With that line started a family tradition (at first just with Hubby and me) to use lines from movies, whenever possible.

Delivered by Arnold Schwartzenager in The Terminator. Your search engine must be Democrat.


Jim said...

Don't worry, M&M, Schwartzenager will be a Democrat again as soon as this term runs out. He's a nice guy even so.
Public servants on retirement have a tough time. I'm sorry your hubby had to go to work.
We were with education (public). Mrs. Jim hasn't had an increase since 2001 as the legislature has to give it. And bush broke our state while he was governor so it might be never.
And my retirement stays the same no matter what. Ten years ago it was a decent living, now I don't hardly have to pay income tax.
Of course we negative spend. We don't have a young one either like you do.

Amrita said...

Dear Cathy,
God bless you. May all your dreams come true and may the Lord grant you the desires of your heart.

I love your painting. I imagine my old age like this. An old lady with a dog laying peacefully at my feet and my grey hair in a knot. But they forgot the computer.

Anonymous said...

Now really! You could have answered Jim here! Enjoying this exchange!

My Hubby and I define 'retirement' to be the time when neither of us are full-time-employed. We are a bit away from that reality. But I can see where you and Hubby have re-located to your 'retirement' domicile.

Another 'principle' of our retirement is to try to have multiple income streams (in case one is ripped from us). L'arnt that from my Dad. Barbara

Mrs. Mac said...

You have l'arnt well Barbara. Now as to that Mr. Jim sticking his nose into my mode of income, who wants to sit around and tell people you're retired anyway. If he negative spends, he must have a reverse mortgage and is spending his kids inheritance so they won't be taxed on it;)

My parents retired early .. but they are busier now than ever with church, charities, Mr-fix-it projects ... working to some degree, keeps a person mentally and physically fit. Hubby's new job is not as taxing as his former one ... next job for him will be a Walmart greeter :) Me, I just plug along doing the same thing day in and day out, one season to the next, decade after decade ... now I'm recycling kids and watching my little grandson a few days a week.


tikno said...

Nice post and nice to know you.

kanishk said...

May all your dreams come true and may the Lord grant you the desires of your heart.

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