"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Saturday, January 02, 2010

A Good Day To ...

.... put all of last year's Christmas decor away. This will free up my date on Monday with hubby and give the new year a fresh slate to begin my cleaning frenzy this month.

Our weather turned balmy (mid to high 30'sF) ... warm enough to allow the snow to melt. I can see places in the backyard that need to be regraded a bit after last winter's flood ... and having a heavy duty bobcat scoop away the 'icebergs' ... the snow melt has pooled in one area.

Daylight's burning (can you guess which western movie star coined this phrase?)

Good Day (another ending from __________?)


Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
I still have Christmas in my home. It is not common to redecorate until Thwelfth Night. I think I might begin on Monday when Serina is back home from London. She's such a great little elf, helping out.
Tomorrow is Sunday and all the shops are shot. Then t becomes a true restday for most people.

Are your winter really over already?
I don't get it.
We have snow and 8 below zero,- Celsius that is.
We'll shall probably have a small pool here too when the southern winds are blowing the ice and snow away.
This is actually our first really winter in fifteen years. I hope the pools are freezing too. That will make many people sleep better at night.
One of my goals has been 10 minutes of walking every day. So far I am 30 minutes ahead of my program!
From Felisol

Mrs. Mac said...

Dear Felisol,
Winter is not over ... just not as severe (so far) this season. You are having colder weather it seems. Your walking goal is better than you planned! Good for you! Most of my Christmas stuff is put away now ... but, oh my, the floors need help with all of the trimmings here and there. Stay warm & keep walking.


Anonymous said...

Oh, look what I started!

Hubby guesses John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn in True Grit.

Christmas is still in my house, too (like the way she phrased that!) I decided not to work on it until CollegeSon left and that was yesterday. Hubby and I are still recuperating from the shock of having him leave again.

How do you do it? Barbara

Mrs. Mac said...

Barbara ... John Wayne is correct (as to which movie .. Rooster Cogburn is as good a guess as any ... we say that phrase so often and have most of the Duke's movies, his quotes all sorta run rampant in our cabin. The second saying is from a all time classic radio voice that recently passed away) ... as to how I do it ... (putting all the stuff away) ... it's my day job;)

Anonymous said...

*clearing throat* I meant how do you let your children go even if they are adults? *choking sob*

No way I could recognize Paul Harvey by reading instead of hearing.


Kathryn said...

Happy New Year Mrs. Mac! :)

Catching up on blog reading.

I love the pics of your family Christmas. Every one looks so peaceful & happy. Nice to have a family like that.

You'll be here in Feb? (I really am behind with everything, email as well as blog reading.)

Hope then next year brings you all the best.

Terry said...

dear mrs. mac..i am glad that the holidays are over...really get tired at my age with all of the excitment!
winter IS almost over idaho snow queen...soon you will be putting on your lilac princess crown.
hey the days are getting longer!
come spring come!!!...love terry

Constance said...

I have only scratched the undecorating surface around here! When Christmas decor looks like it "threw up" all over the house, it takes a while to put it all away! The tree is down and some of the decor but not packed away yet. I will probably have to piece meal it since I have to organize and inventory it before it gets stored!

Maggie Ann said...

I'm all 'put away' too with Christmas decorations. My daughter came up with a great plan for me about 5 years ago. She helped me box the tree ornaments and put them and the tree lights on the foyer shelf. Its all there...so all I need to do is bring the tree down from the attic and decorate. Its worked out so well. We wanted to buy a little fuller tree this year but oh they are high priced, so I quickly got thankful for the one we have. =)

Trish said...

I finally got my tree down! We finally got a nice snow and it is gorgeous out there. Love The Duke and Paul Harvey...those were the days.
Pray you had a lovely date with your man.

Felisol said...

Somehow I wasn't able to comment on your other blog, so I leave my comments here.
Dear Mrs. Mac,
I like making things from scratch. I buy all purpose flour, much cheaper than the waffle mix or bread mix bags. Less synthetic remedies added as well.
Now I have opened my boxes of frozen black elder flower juice. I have saved them for January, the month of colds and lowered immune defense.
This July I will definitely triple my elderflower juice production.
The scent of summer when the frozen juice is melting cannot be paid with money, only with easy labor.
I'm also digging deep into the frozen herbs compartment. Delicious soups and bread are perfuming my kitchen.

I know it's primarily healthy, but using the summer's crops are like opening for happy memories and hopes for a new spring to come.

Aren't we lucky?
From Felisol