"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Monday, March 10, 2014

Net Zero

How do you zero out the effects of springing forward? 

  1.  Give hubby and special needs son permission to sleep in and not go to church.  Why fight the need for sleep and mess up the whole adjustment period?
  2. Take naps.
  3. Eat take out (I know .. eww)
  4. Open the windows to let in fresh air.  Hooray .. it was 52F outside. 
  5. Take a walk.
  6. Sit on the front porch rocker.
OK .. That was hubby and son.  I on the other hand did not take my own advice and got up two hours early (4:45 AM .. which was really 3:34 AM) to bake bread, prep a Sunday school lesson to teach our church's preschoolers.  Tis true:  A husband works from sunup to sundown .. but a mother's work is never done.  Touché!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Whatever Happened to Mrs. Mac?

I do a little more posting on my other blog, The Thrifty Garden Home

The Mr. retired on New Year's Eve .. so we're on our 'honeymoon' period of retirement.  We have not gotten tired of each other's company (yet). 

August!  Really, that was the last post before this shorty!

Nathan is growing leaps and bounds .. he'll be 18 in two months!  Transitioning to adult services is quite the challenge.  And, we're in the process of becoming his legal guardians.  So much paperwork!!

About now is the time I pour over my garden plans and order a few seed packets.  I've learned over the years to only plant that which my family will eat.  So we stick with green beans, carrots, potatoes .. and skip some of the exotic things like eggplant. (I like eggplant.)

I'm glad the Christmas stuff is put away, but I really have no idea how to put things back in order.  Should have taken pictures before I decorated.  Everything looks so blah!

Well, that's enough of coming out of hibernation.  Go visit my other blog if you want to keep up to date on the Mac Family.