"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Whatever Happened To Mrs. Mac?

Mr. and Mrs. Mac at Memorial Day Service
It's been a while since I dug in and wrote a blog post with more than a sentence and a few pictures.  Life has a way of passing by without so much as a hiccup .. then .. the brakes get applied. 

Our youngest daughter, Ann, recently moved out on her own.  She has been working as a dental assistant for almost a year now after graduating from school last summer.  This makes the homestead a bit quieter and has freed up my schedule.  You wouldn't think that having an adult child living at home would make the parent's calendar fill up .. but somehow now that she's not living here .. I have more (me) time.  Her room is being transformed into a little retreat for sewing projects and quiet day dreams. 

Nathan finished up the 8th grade yesterday and is home for the summer.  He has three days a week planned for summer camp activities.  Did I mention that he has progressed to the point that he can pretty much take care of himself? Thanks to the work of a very special interventionist that has helped to transform a very needy (special needs) child .. into one that is very capable of managing his own self without very much assistance.  PTL!  I'll post an update soon about his health after a recent scare we had .. but for now, let's just say he's growing like a weed and seems to be on the mend.  The docs don't suspect leukemia .. will know more after his next blood test in July.  Thank you all that have been praying for him ..

I hope to get my writing grove back and post more often.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Part II - Sepia Flying Fortress

Our visit to Felts Field's open house revisited in sepia.

A Flying Fortress .. Aluminum Overcast ... B17
Chrome in sepia .. a somewhat self-portrait
Felts Field .. part of Spokane Airport

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A Ruby Flying Fortress - Part I

Restored B-17 named the Aluminum Overcast
U.S. Navy bi-planes

Our weekend outing was to a neighborhood vintage aircraft display at Felts Field in Spokane, Washington.  There were many restored war planes, including a B-17 from WWII.  For the right price you could even take a flight in several of the planes.  Years ago, Mr. Mac was treated to a flight in this very same B-17 .. can you believe he opted to take the flight instead of celebrating my 30th birthday?? .. His loyalty was swayed by this scantily clad ruby aluminum beauty ;)

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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A Re-enactment That's Rebel Worthy

The North getting ready to fire the cannon

The South in close combat battle

The Northern Army

The encampment was complete with the latest laundry facility

Boom, Boom, Boom
Southern and Northern Belles

The womenfolk honoring the fallen soldiers
This past Sunday hubby and I had an adventure visiting a Civil War re-enactment.  We had front row ground space to sit upon our blankets to watch the battle scene unfold.  The cannons were very LOUD and kept me jerking each time they were fired.  The encampment had North and South settlements complete with period tents, camp cook stoves, period dresses and battle uniforms.  Living history louder and larger than life.