"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Monday, April 30, 2007

Sunday Dinner At Grandma's

As a child growing up, I had the opportunity of having dinner most Sunday's at my grandparent's home. Grandma would arrive home from church, put on her apron and begin making a delicious meal. She always made sure the Sunday supper was special and I enjoyed helping her at every opportunity. I would usually peel the potatoes and snap the green beans, cut some fresh flowers from her garden for the table, set the table and put things in order. We ate out on her enclosed porch, so the windows needed to be opened and the benches dusted off. Her meals always included a little bit of dessert and coffee. She was not a fancy cook, nor did she make gourmet meals ... just good comfort foods that were dished up with love. After her passing, my mother gave me Grandma's cook book from the early 1930's. Pressed inside were little sprigs of flowers and a few recipes cut out of a newspaper.

My own children love to eat at their grandparent's homes too; although they were not afforded the frequent meals that I had growing up. But their fondest memories seem to be the sights, smells, and sounds from their grandparent's homes. This past Easter we bridged the miles by making some favorite recipes from Grandma. It's funny how food connects us and brings back so many childhood memories.

Now it's my turn to start cooking Sunday dinners for my grown children and grandson. I usually ask them to help plan the meal a few days in advance. (They always ask for something from their childhood.) At the end of the evening, it's nice to hear them say "thank you, Mom, for a wonderful day."

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Excuse My Absence ... I've Been Playing

Yes, I've been playing with Jacob nearly every day this week. And all the granny stuff people have told me over the years is all true. It's the best job in the world! Maybe tomorrow or early next week I'll return to my blog. Until then, you can find me at home, or the park, or his house. Or perhaps drop me a line at my email address:

Monday, April 23, 2007

Ring, Ring ... Warning ... Ring, Ring

I have too many dummy bells in my new home. You know, those annoying little ringing, buzzing reminders that something is done, left open, being opened, telling time, etc, etc. Sometimes, I'm a wee confused as to what I'm hearing. There's a chime on the new LG refrigerator if a door is left open too long ... my cuckoo clock rings twice an hour ... the house alarm is set to ring if a door or window is opened; and again when it gets shut ... the coffee maker sounds when the brew cycle is finished ... and again when it automatically shuts off ... A ding for this and a dong for that ... and sometimes I get the sounds a bit mixed up in my head as to what they're trying to tell me. Except for the door chime (which keeps tabs on Nathan), I really think all the others train a person to not think on their own. Before we sold our '65 GTO, I warned DH not to rely on the convenience of a chime to remind him to turn off the headlights ... and sure enough, he forgot the GTO didn't have such a gizzmo and left them on causing a drained battery. I really enjoyed telling him "I told you so" when he called home for a ride. Do you think too many reminders and warnings make people less sharp? How many people really need a label on their cup of McDonald's coffee warning them that it's HOT? We have forgotten how to be proactive thinkers ... now we're reactive thinkers and have come to rely on silly warnings. Anyone else ever think thoughts along these lines?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Breakfast Thief

This past week found me working in the "yard" raking and burning debris. It will probably take a few years to get the overgrowth down to a manageable size. Me thinks me needs to get in better shape as all the strenuous work and breathing in a bit of smoke caused a bout of vertigo. Wednesday was the worst day ... and brought back high-seas-ship-board memories of a few boating adventures! My home office is up a long flight of steps ... thus the lack of posts this week.

Now on to the breakfast story. A mom's work is never done ... including making breakfast. Today started off relaxing enough. Nathan and I donned our robes and outdoor slippers to trek and get the newspaper ... this is quite a hike from the front door ... down a very long gravel driveway. Upon our return it's decided we will have French toast, bacon, coffee, and melon. The little guy has quite an appetite and can usually polish off four pieces of said toast (minimum). The table was set for two, plates warmed and waiting, prayers said, coffee poured, and then the familiar ring, ring of the telephone. Being only 7:30 AM, I thought it a bit early for a Saturday morning ... caller ID presents a not familiar name ... but I answer anyway. My oldest son, Patrick, was at the other end announcing he had just landed at March AFB after a 10 hour flight from Korea. We chit chat and acknowledge how good it is for him to be back on American soil, 10 ... 15... or so minutes transpire ... we say our good-byes and hang up. When I returned to finally sit down to breakfast, I notice my plate is empty! Not to mention the coffee is cold! ... And Nathan is asking if he can have more French toast! I have actually forgotten the last time I sat down to a warm meal!

Monday, April 16, 2007

A Cinderella Moment

Fuss, fuss, fuss ... that was the order of the day this past Saturday as Ann prepared for the jr. prom at school. Now that she's a working gal, and is beginning to appreciate the value of a dollar, she was creative and paid for most of her evening's festivities. The dress, straight from Cinderella herself, had once graced her older sister. The pumpkin ... er coach ... had her home by the stroke of midnight before the charm of the evening had completely worn off. I don't know if I can stand any more excitement!

Friday, April 13, 2007

New Tired Mommy

Jacob's mommy mustered up enough strength to pose pretty for this photo while she and her hubby were staying with us after his birth. Yesterday, they came for a visit because Jacob needed some lov'in from his grandma :0)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ha, Ha, Fooled Ya All ... Duh, I Just Needed To Resize The Photo

Here you go folks ... the first ever posted picture of my little Jake just a few days old! I'm such a ninny and didn't know a thing 'bout resizing web photos (silly old me). Now go on and tell me what a cute little fellow he is :)

Photos: Proud Grandma with Jacob. Shhhh, sleeping Jacob

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Dentist Visit

There's just nothing "routine" about taking my youngest son, Nathan, to the doctor or dentist (age 11 and possessor of an extra chromosome)! He's just plain a handful, armful, bodyful ... Today I took him for his dental visit. I had his pediatrician recommend a pediatric dentist office with all the bells and whistles. Now days that consists of TV's embedded in the ceilings to watch whilst reclined in the exam chair, Playstation 2 games in the lobby and a myriad of other mind numbing gadgets to relieve some of the nervous stress. Unfortunately, none of these things were strong enough medicine to entice my wee man and off he ran back through the security doors and to a corner of the waiting room. He weighs roughly 50 lbs, and I weigh (blah, blah, blah, eh, um) ... a lot more than that! I couldn't muster enough strength to coerce him back to the new room (this one with a locked door and with sound proof walls) ... It was here that we placed him on a padded board with a Velcro body blanket to hold him still for the exam. It's six PM and I need a Calgon moment, hot tea, and a cd of soothing music. Dh so owes me big time for this expedition!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Remembering When ....

On my morning visit to Pat's site, she reminded me of all the STUFF we have to get rid of since the move. What is it with the human race that makes us pack rats?? I'm sure we're not the only family that has a bazillion boxes of stuff accumulated in the attic rafters. Needless items that at one time or another had some significance to our beings ... or presumed significance. I guess without all that stuff shows like Cash In The Attic and Antique Roadshow would not be quite what they are. Mindless items that collect dust ... no matter what value they have moneywise or sentimental. Maybe all this stuff is just a weird way of paying back our kids when they have to sort through it all after we pass through the pearly gates, ya think?

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Blessed Easter greetings! Finally, I'm at home sitting at my desk, hooked up to my slower, than snail mail slow Internet ... but thankful all the same. What an ordeal to get the TV and computer connected! One thing after another, but finally we got a connection this afternoon. I pray this short message finds you all safe and healthy on this special day. This coming week will be my "Easter Vacation" break as the youngin's head back to school tomorrow. I promise to post more pictures throughout the week of our new home. Thanks for all the nice comments while I was "away" ...

Photo: Jacob (just a few days old). Look at that full head of hair! The picture is taking too long, I'll try to post it later :( edit: Just how long does one photo take to upload via "high speed" dial up? Any idea? still waiting ..... yawn ..... oh, my ... I'm wasting my time here. Dishes to wash ... nap to take ..... stretch ....... sip coffee ........ vacuum my office ............ change the oil in my truck ........ still here .... but not for much longer ....... Is blogger broken? Does anyone care? new edit: I just this morning dug a trench across my gravel driveway (with the help of the cable guy) to bury extra cable to one day connect to satellite Internet ... maybe then I can post pics. ***sigh*** I HATE BREAKING PROMISES!!