"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Breakfast Thief

This past week found me working in the "yard" raking and burning debris. It will probably take a few years to get the overgrowth down to a manageable size. Me thinks me needs to get in better shape as all the strenuous work and breathing in a bit of smoke caused a bout of vertigo. Wednesday was the worst day ... and brought back high-seas-ship-board memories of a few boating adventures! My home office is up a long flight of steps ... thus the lack of posts this week.

Now on to the breakfast story. A mom's work is never done ... including making breakfast. Today started off relaxing enough. Nathan and I donned our robes and outdoor slippers to trek and get the newspaper ... this is quite a hike from the front door ... down a very long gravel driveway. Upon our return it's decided we will have French toast, bacon, coffee, and melon. The little guy has quite an appetite and can usually polish off four pieces of said toast (minimum). The table was set for two, plates warmed and waiting, prayers said, coffee poured, and then the familiar ring, ring of the telephone. Being only 7:30 AM, I thought it a bit early for a Saturday morning ... caller ID presents a not familiar name ... but I answer anyway. My oldest son, Patrick, was at the other end announcing he had just landed at March AFB after a 10 hour flight from Korea. We chit chat and acknowledge how good it is for him to be back on American soil, 10 ... 15... or so minutes transpire ... we say our good-byes and hang up. When I returned to finally sit down to breakfast, I notice my plate is empty! Not to mention the coffee is cold! ... And Nathan is asking if he can have more French toast! I have actually forgotten the last time I sat down to a warm meal!


Pat said...

That was kind of a "good news-bad news" post! The good news is both of your sons are on US soil, the bad new is - cold breakfast for mom! When I come to visit, I'll cook breakfast for you so you can sit and relax and be served, you deserve at least a HOT cup of coffee! Now I want a hot cup of coffee too! Bye! :)

Maggie Ann said...

Sounds like a Martha Stewart breakfast....am I invited?...smile.

Sara said...

that's a boy after my own heart! glad all kids are on home soil and safe.

JansJourney said...

Hi Mrs. Mac....
Today was the one year anniversary of Jan Thompson's passing, and I remembered your kind blog support during the last days of her life.
Thank-you again for taking the time
to let us and specifically Jan know that you cared. She appreciated
your kind and prayerful thoughts!

All the very best to you and your husband and children as you enjoy
the adventure of a new life in Idaho. Congratulations on becoming a "gramma" and nice to hear your son is home from Korea. That young son of yours still seems to be getting the very best out of life..
And that prom experience is once in a lifetime...(or twice for you)

May your blessings always be more abundant than your years...

Pat Thompson
Jan's husband

Terry said...

I guess the litte guy doesn't like cold coffee either Mrs. Mac..

I am so glad that your older son is on American soil.
It must be such a good feeling for you that he is!

Bernie and I and Betty just got home from a concert where the Pfeifers were singing.
They are such a godly group and it did Betty and me good.
We really needed it.
I will write to you tomorrow about what has been happening.
No I didn't visit Miss Katy, today
Both Betty and me are not wanted there any more and it is almost breaking my heart!

Thank you for your visit to my blog Mrs. Mac.
I was kind of missing you..LoveTerry

PS..Bernie didn't behave himself again tonight.
When one of the singers said that he found it strange that Canadians are always saying, "eh", Bernie piped up and asked him to spell Canada.
When the young lad spelled it, the audience burst out laughing because here is how you spell Canada Mrs. Mac..CehNehDeh!!Ha!!CaNaDa,eh?

Jim said...

Hi Mrs. Mac -- Thanks for the encouragement about the root canal.
I think Mrs. Jim has it pretty well in her mind (head??) that she is ready for it. We will be traveling in a couple of weeks and the orthodontist recommended she not wait in case something flared up while she was gone.

One of my cars was also a '76 Volare, they are Plymouths here in the states.
It got so bad that Mrs. Jim was afraid to ride in it for fear the floor board would fall out under her feet. [There was a little rust hold down there.]
We sold it when it got to 176,000 miles and the transmission started leaking real bad.
Our next car was a '81 Olds. It had a hole in the side that we coverered with duck tape.
We have not had a new car since we have been married.

Yes, I like the younger doctors too. One of my cardiologists is older than I am but he is a leader in AAA stents technology. He did one for me.
That Terry is a mess. Plus she likes 'Deal or No Deal!'

Terry said...

I am NOT a mess Jim!!
You must be in a bad mess yourself if your cardiolgist is older that YOU!!
What is he? 106?

How can I help it if your grandaughter, Amber has become addicted to "Deal Or No Deal",
which is Bernie's favorite show?
She doesn't like watching "The Young And Restless", which her GRANPA'S favorite show every day
That is why she is always pinching poor little Adi!

Don't listen to him Mrs.Mac...Jim is just mad at me because I never paid Adi, his other grandaughter, for the chauffeur job I hired her for but what is the cents?
Canadian money is worth too little in the States anyways!!!Love Terry

Mrs. Mac said...

Now, now, children ... there's no "dissing" each other on my blog please!

Terry said...

Hey Mrs.Mac...If you think that the Gift was the "theif" that swiped your breakfast, how come it isn't on "Nathan's" Post???

And I wasn't "dissing" either.
I had to set that Jim straight!!
After all Mrs. Gramma Mac, I value your good opinion of the Canadian Bloggr doncha' know?...Love Terry