"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Today's My Friday ...

Lovely violas that freely keep coming back year after year ..
Hubby confuses me sometimes when he says on Tuesday, 'Today's my Friday' because he has Wednesday and Thursday .. and most of Friday home from work.

When the real Friday rolls around, I'm thinking it 'feels' like Saturday.  Today is/was Friday .. and I did, indeed, think it was Saturday.  It doesn't help having Nathan in camp three days a week .. Mon/Wed/Thur .. which makes his having Friday off, once again, seem like Saturday because I can possibly sleep in .. unless, that is, oldest son is working Friday .. which is really his Saturday .. and calls on Thursday night to see if he can come over early Friday morning before he goes to work on his day off .. to have coffee with me.

Now that it's taken me so long to 'splain' myself .. it's actually Saturday .. that I've figured out all on my own.

If this is your Saturday .. what are you up to?

Verse of the day:

"For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form,
and in Christ you have been brought to fullness.  He is the head over 
every power and authority"

  Colossians 2:9-10

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thunder STRUCK

I LOVE a good thunder storm.  Trouble is .. my dawg is a weenie and freaks out.  Tonight one such storm rolled through.  I have resorted to parking my truck on the driveway and tying up the dawg in the empty garage .. away from anything she can topple over.

Several weeks ago a magnificent storm rolled through.  We had company staying in the guest room above our garage .. and didn't want her to wake them up with barking .. so she was kept on a short leash in the dining room.  At 3 AM I awoke to what I thought was a burglar .. only to find out the dog had toppled some plants, books and mail off the bakers rack, tipped over her water and proceeded to tromp around creating a BIG MESS.  

Now the storm is passing.  Nathan has gone back to bed after spending an hour in the 'safe room' (interior bathroom) ....  all is well. 

Thank you Lord for sending the rain and for shaking up the heavens to remind us of your presence.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Ever Thankful

Nathan .. age 15
Thankful for one left in the nest.  After Ann moved out in May, I have come to discover it would be pretty lonely around here without any youngins at home.  Nathan (the possessor of an extra chromosome) is perpetually youthful and adds great joy to life.  To be so young at heart .. always .. is a gift beyond measure.

Every part of life is a season.  I think the empty nest phase would be quite .. well empty without our special needs son.  So thankful God knew we needed him before he was born.  Even with all of his challenges, life adds a richness that would be lacking without him.

In God's infinite wisdom .. He has blessed us and given us reason to have joy as we enter the golden stage of life.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Life In The S.L.O.W. Lane

Living with a broken pc and a slow internet connection may just suit me fine.  (I can't believe I just printed that) ... since my computer crashed last month .. by a hacker  .. resulting in less than better pc use .. (yes, I have anti-virus .. etc .. firewalls ..but when you have a SLOW connection .. sometimes the updates don't update in a timely fashion .. and don't update .. putting you at risk of the latest threat ..  make sense?).  This might be my signal to ditch the non existent internet service and go use the computer at the library once or twice a week when I am in town .. thus saving me about $700 a year!

Speaking of slow lane .. that is the pace our garden has taken this year as well.  Many of my May/June blooming flowers are just now putting on a show.  The veggie garden is a month behind as well in production.  I hope God is generous and extends the first frost date by at least a month so things have a chance to ripen before we descend into winter. 

Mangy Moose Lodge .. spring flowers in summer
Back to the computer .. now the picture scan/disc port on the pc shuts down when I load the disc into it.  So any pictures I post from home will have to be ones I can find stored on my broken pc prior to July 4 .. until I start using the library computer.  This seems complicated .. and maybe not worth the effort.  But .. I don't want to completely stop blogging (even though it may appear that I have already done so). 

Why do people have to be so evil and think up viruses .. scams .. hijackings?  I'll spare you with my idea about what God should do to them .. it's not a nice picture!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Summer Goodness x's Ten

Nathan, Jake and imagination at play
  1. green lawn
  2. perennials in full bloom
  3. day camp
  4. bird song
  5. fresh garden produce
  6. family gatherings
  7. blue skies
  8. homemade ice cream
  9. BBQ's
  10. road trips