"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thunder STRUCK

I LOVE a good thunder storm.  Trouble is .. my dawg is a weenie and freaks out.  Tonight one such storm rolled through.  I have resorted to parking my truck on the driveway and tying up the dawg in the empty garage .. away from anything she can topple over.

Several weeks ago a magnificent storm rolled through.  We had company staying in the guest room above our garage .. and didn't want her to wake them up with barking .. so she was kept on a short leash in the dining room.  At 3 AM I awoke to what I thought was a burglar .. only to find out the dog had toppled some plants, books and mail off the bakers rack, tipped over her water and proceeded to tromp around creating a BIG MESS.  

Now the storm is passing.  Nathan has gone back to bed after spending an hour in the 'safe room' (interior bathroom) ....  all is well. 

Thank you Lord for sending the rain and for shaking up the heavens to remind us of your presence.


Dani said...

Mrs Mac - Cesar Millan could probably advise you on how to cure your "dawg" :-)

Mebbe also try putting her in not too large a room (which will amplify the noise) and / or leaving a radio on softly, to help cover the milder thunderclaps, like one does on Guy Fowkes night. Sympathy - we had a dog that didn't like thunderstorms either.

Mrs. Mac said...

Dani .. I ran out of her 'medicine' a few storms ago. For a while she was in the 'safe room' with Nathan .. quite a sight ;) .. but, alas, I need some sleep and don't trust her to be still. She will scratch and damage the walls .. and sleep is calling me. I'll have to check out Caesar Milan's methods .. but you know what they say about old dogs and new tricks .. worth a try (during the day) :)

FlowerLady said...

Your poor pooch. Our indoor/outdoor girl feline does not like thunderstorms either and starts yowling, and hides under the big chopping block table, next to the freezer vent.

I'm glad Nathan has a 'safe' room to go to, it must be somewhat comforting to him, and then he can go back to his own space when all is calm.

I'm not fond of t-storms either. They can get pretty ferocious down here in the lightening capital.

The rain is so glorious though, and I am very appreciative, especially after our long drought.

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. All things will work out.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Pat said...

Look at that innocent face of Holly's, you gotta love her!
I'm not fond of lightening at all, but I kind of enjoy hearing the thunder and love the sound of the rain. Isn't every so fresh and wonderful after it passes? Kind of like life, once our storms pass by life fees fresh and new.

Terry said...

that's the nicest picture of the dawg that i have ever seen!
maybe felisol sent that rain storm to you.
poor daug though, being afraid of the storm...now me, i love a big storm but alas i am afraid of the sea!
poor little nathan..i agree with the flower lady...so nice he has a safe room to go to...he is a real little trooper...love terry

Trish said...

Such a sweet face on your doggie. I can't imagine the anxiety she must feel to get herself so worked up!
So thankful that our Nathan has a place to go to calm his sweet self.
And you my friend...are awesome.

Maggie Ann said...

Oh dear...she is clearly thinking something, but what? And you never know when a storm might blow up. I hope God helps you find a solution.

Thank you for the suggestion/idea of using some of my 400 Bible story book illustrations for collages. Make my day =) ! I'll just have to try that. The copyright is old enough to be 'home free' and Wednesday Stamper is now history. Last week was the final week for it. Kind of sad, I'll miss it but there are still lots of other collage challenges around. Did your knitting class start yet? Wishing you blessings!

Amrita said...

My Jimmy was so scared of thunderstorms, he would want to be held.

Mrs Mac , I think you will like my Sunday Blessings post on my blog. Its another one from Joni E Tada