"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Life In The S.L.O.W. Lane

Living with a broken pc and a slow internet connection may just suit me fine.  (I can't believe I just printed that) ... since my computer crashed last month .. by a hacker  .. resulting in less than better pc use .. (yes, I have anti-virus .. etc .. firewalls ..but when you have a SLOW connection .. sometimes the updates don't update in a timely fashion .. and don't update .. putting you at risk of the latest threat ..  make sense?).  This might be my signal to ditch the non existent internet service and go use the computer at the library once or twice a week when I am in town .. thus saving me about $700 a year!

Speaking of slow lane .. that is the pace our garden has taken this year as well.  Many of my May/June blooming flowers are just now putting on a show.  The veggie garden is a month behind as well in production.  I hope God is generous and extends the first frost date by at least a month so things have a chance to ripen before we descend into winter. 

Mangy Moose Lodge .. spring flowers in summer
Back to the computer .. now the picture scan/disc port on the pc shuts down when I load the disc into it.  So any pictures I post from home will have to be ones I can find stored on my broken pc prior to July 4 .. until I start using the library computer.  This seems complicated .. and maybe not worth the effort.  But .. I don't want to completely stop blogging (even though it may appear that I have already done so). 

Why do people have to be so evil and think up viruses .. scams .. hijackings?  I'll spare you with my idea about what God should do to them .. it's not a nice picture!


Jada's Gigi said...

Sorry to hear of your PC dilemma ..and of your garden ones too. Hope old man winter gives you a break this year at least!!

Pat said...

I've gotten used to the garden taking it's own good time to mature. It's just part of where we live. BUT, I do wish it would speed up a bit!
I agree with you about hackers....the sorry lot of them!
Keep blogging...I enjoy the fellowship!

Felisol said...

Keep on keeping on in your own pace. I see you on my news board when you have posted something new.
Your Lupines are beautiful in their colourful splendour.
As long as the weather allows you to be outdoors; that's the best place to be here on earth.
Sorry about your machine. It's such a shame that peaceful people are being literally attacked my evildoers like this.
I bet you'll find a way to beat them.

Anonymous said...

Hoping you can find a way to make this work.

I owe you an email message, apologies for being slower than your garden.

Blooms are welcome anytime, eh?


Trish said...

Sorry to hear of your computer woes Mrs. Mac. Dirty rotten hackers!
The Mangy Moose Lodge looks lovely.

Jim said...

Hi M&M, I joined your club. My computer has been down now almost a week. It cost 449 + tax new three years ago but it will be around 200 to get it up to snuff again. I was 'restarting your computor' after a MicroSoft update and it never did start up again.

I'm using Mrs. Jim's new one right now but mostly I use her old one.

Your front yard is pretty. I think you are getting moisture like we aren't so it will stay green.

Have fun in the library. I always do!

Diane said...

Oh, you have such patience and speak so softly with regards to your pc woes! I am right, aren't I?! ;-) I have so wanted to be one that just doesn't care about my internet, but I just really do WANT it! I have to admit though that I am often just 'in and out' and don't spend nearly so much time here as I once did. Perhaps I'm growing up afterall?! BTW, the garden is lovely even if it did take it's own sweet time!

Many hugs..........


Crown of Beauty said...

The picture you posted here from Mangy Moose Lodge is lovely, and I can just imagine how beautiful everything is around your place.

I know your computer woes will be resolved soon, and that you will be back in blog land in no time at all.

But really, I do miss your visits...

Praying all is well with you!