"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hello old blog of mine ...

.. I've been so neglectful of late!

This week is winding down; some days were in the valley .. and others on top of the mountain. Let's just say it appears to be ending on top :) A good thing.

Our weather has turned balmy. Today was 45F and partly sunny. This is a coat free day around here. All of our snow has melted. I can see my veggie gardens .. they are calling to me. Today I started up my compost collection bin that I keep under my sink in milder weather (exciting to me:) and I plan on planting my daffodil bulbs that I forgot to plant last fall. They have been chilling in the garage. The soil is soft enough to plant.

Nathan is working on using his inside voice and saying 'yes' more often than 'NO.' He has spent more time out of his bedroom with his family than being alone in his room ... a good thing. Saturday will be hair cut day ... and ... well ... you can read what that's like here (The 100 MPH Haircut). Maybe I'll have something positive to say about it this time around.

Friday is my decompression day. Hiking, shopping, knitting, and writing a few letters. Have a great weekend.


Jim said...

Gee, M&M, do you think maybe you have been neglecting me too? I am glad you have a faster connection now. That does make a lot of difference.
We had some of your cold earlier this week and last weekend. It swooped right down from the Northwest.

therextras said...

Well you did not lose your touch while you were away. You know how to cover a lot of territory in a little space. I'm feeling the sin of envy for your ability to garden and hike. No - take it back, I'm happy for my friend to have those pleasures.

I am hoping to get into my yard for hours on the 'holiday' Monday. Will be entertaining guests this weekend.

Blessings, Barbara

Constance said...

Hiking...where are we going? I figure you can take your camera and than give the rest of us a virtual hike! Here in Texas we are already seeing some buds on the trees. they never get much down time from losing their leaves (Nov) to getting their bids (Feb)

Trish said...

Enjoy your decompressing Mrs. Mac.!

Amrita said...

Hi Mrs Mac,

55* is coats on for us.

We are freezing here.

Happy decompression day.

Mrs. Mac said...

Amrita ... 52 used to be my coat free day ... my blood is thicker now ;)

Kathryn said...

We are at 52F for our high today. The low was 19. More winter weather due to arrive Sunday or Monday. Much of our snow has melted, but there is still quite a lot.

You're going to be in Orange County soon?

Jada's Gigi said...

Its balmy here too but rainy...no hiking for me yet with the whole foot thing...enjoy your weekend.:)

Terry said...

dear mrs. mac..after i read this post, i had to scroll up again and re-read the date!..it does almost seem like spring time in your neck of the woods!
not fair, i would say after reading about all the snow you have been dishing out to the rest of us!
anyways, i have been very neglectful, myself from blogging.
i guess it is because of all the business of the holidays..
we are suppose to reach 38 degrees today and i guess that isn't too bad, eh? maybe it will melt the rest of the snow!!!
take care and i hope that those hair cutted fellows will give you a big tip!!!
love terry