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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Fangled Piece of Junk ... (my old/new washing machine that is)

About a week and a half ago I was washing a load of laundry. Periodically I'd hear an odd sounding beeping noise. Inquiring with everyone at home that day as to whose phone was beeping, and the sound still occassionally blurting out, I started checking room by room for the offending noise. Then, I opened the laundryroom door and saw the washing machine display flashing a code "FL" ... According to the manual, it meant oversudsing ... how could that be? I'm careful and even use the "HE" low sudsing Tide. I tried the method suggested to clear the code, but to no avail. According the the technician at the other end of the 1-800 number, I needed to place a service call. My five year old "Cadillac" washing machine could not be fixed by me and required an expensive house call. At two years of age, the machine needed a U-boot replaced. This I've come to find out via the internet that a class action lawsuit has been filed against the manufacturer (Whirl@#%*!) . That repair cost me about $300 for parts and service, plus my machine was in the shop for two weeks (how convenient). This machine was a top of the line "top loader" that "saved water & energy! The original price of this fine piece of equipment was around $1,000. Supposedly you could recoup the higher cost of the machine in water, detergent, and energy savings ... over how long, I'm not entirely sure. Needless to say after checking with dh, he said not to put any more money into repairs for the washer, and to go out and buy a new one ... but make sure to buy an old fashioned one that has push/pull dials and no computerized brain in it. I guess now I have to retrain myself how to do laundry. The new/old fashioned washer arrived a few days ago.Let's see: some whites need to be presoaked, and I have to adjust the water level myself by determining what size load I'm washing ... and what temperature of water for whites/colors/etc. Lesson learned: Don't buy any new fangled machine or gadget that has not been in production for at least two years; pay the money to view Consumer Guides recommendation; don't make the mistake of giving a good review to a friend on a new product that is not proven; a machine with a "brain" can be less reliable than a machine with plain old dial/gears; and last ... just because a product touts to save energy it's of no use if you have to dispose of it prematurely in a landfill because it's an expensive piece of junk. Saving $ ... BET ME!


Pat said...

Wow, sister girlfriend...you did have washer woes!
My washer and newly repaired dryer are about 18 years old. I guess paying for my repair was pretty reasonable after hearing your experience. No brains in my set, just the push-pull knobs your dh recommends. By the way, the repairman did tell me my set was the best every made - they last forever! I doubt that, but I have gotten my money out of them. I'll allow them one repair each before they become history. Good luck with your new washer!

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac...That's too bad about your washing machine.
Repairs are so expensive these days.
Luckily Bernie does a lot of our fixing.
We have had our washing machine for quite a long time and it runs good still but only for one reason.
Bernie does the laundry. Ha!!
If I did it, that poor machine would be broken for sure!!

So if you got an old fashioned one, Mrs. Mac, does that mean you got a wringer? YOU probably don't know what a wringer is...you are too young!
Anyway, Mom had a wringer and they do a really great job, really they do but they were so much work.
It took us a few years before we convinced her to get an automatic. We finally had to all go together, take up a collection and BUY her one!
Now she wonders how she ever did without it!
Happy laundering Mrs. Mac!...Love Terry

Saija said...

sheesh, eh!

reminds me of leo's expensive lazy boy chair that sort of fell apart!

sometimes the cheap things - you wish would die - just keep on going and going and going!

Jada's Gigi said...

I know just how you feel! I was going to mention PAt's dryer woes but I see she already did...:) growitn up I thought major appliances lasted forever...not any more apparently...
when do you move into your new place? Where are the pics? I'll go right now and check out your other blog!

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac....Strange....
After reading your post a couple of days ago, I heard last night on the news a report on this energy, water saving washing machine of yours'.
Apparently, it is happening to a lot of people. Their machines have been wrecked by NOT using the soap that is recommended, and people are being stuck with the expensive repairs.
A whole new generation of service men has appeared on the horizon and are just reefing in the benefits!
After all, they DID get 300 dollars of your hard earned money!
There is some lady that has taken it upon herself to be warning people exacatly how to be using these machines.
All good and well but what about ALL the money, people have already put out on repair bills?
I think you are right Mrs.Mac in saying..
"People beware!" ...Love Terry

William said...

I have been researching washing machines lately, and have come to find out that ever since they started making water/elcetric efficient machines (around 1997) they are all junk. It doesn't mater which brand. Ironically, it seems that the less expensive models are a little better. they only run for about 1 year before needing major repairs. If you have a pre 1997 machine, I would keep it.