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Friday, July 07, 2006

The "Green" Light - Digging In The Dirt

OK ... for the past two months I've been vexed. Mostly caused by a delay in the homebuilding process by the engineering department. What they do is important ... but when they promise something back in one to two weeks, and here we sit eight weeks later after making only a few footing adjustments for them, you have to wonder what sort of calendar they work from. Needless to say ... I got a call from them yesterday that they had finished! So off I went traipsing through the property along with the builder, a shovel , and a spraycan of bright orange marking paint. It was rather fun to stake out the corners of the home and help make an elevation map so we can move the house around on the map a bit before we commit to the actual location. As an added bonus, there were tons of wild raspberries to snack on. I'm sure a few plants will survive the excavation ... there are enough to fill the freezer over the next few weeks. Also ... another plus, I spied some wild huckleberry bushes scattered throughout the two acres (shhhh ... must be kept a top secret location ... or else they will be gone by some berrypicker with huckleberry fever). ... Monday it's off the the cabinet maker to put in the order ... the fun of making a zillion detail choices now begins!
Photo of improvised building site marker (tree limb)


Maggie Ann said...

That would be very frustrating, but the berries are a nice discovery...=). And yes, that was my nightstand pictured over at my blog. Cozy is one of my favorite things in life...I think its probably a favorite for most people. Hope you are having a good day!

gramma_s said...

I don't know if I would have the patience to wait on a new house to be built, it's hard enough for me to wait on dh to do the handiwork around the place. :-)