"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Scented Geranium

This afternoon, my dear son, Patrick, took little Nathan to the playland at McDonald's for a special brother bonding outing. Free time doesn't come my way very often, so I went exploring at the local supermarket (one I'd never been to). I was actually looking for a scenic Northern Idaho calendar that is to be out in July (containing some photos we submitted) and on sale at this market ... but none were to be found today. On the way out, I got a whiff of a scented geranium; one of my favorite plants. There on the sidewalk in front of the store was a whole display of "Mosquito" plants for sale. These were actually citronella scented geraniums ... and since they are a bit hard to find, I made a purchase. Having one on my front porch with its wonderful perfumed leaves giving off their fragrance reminds me of my old home and is comforting.


Maggie Ann said...

Aren't scented geraniums hard to find though? I love'm !! I have a peppermint one with furry leaves which I love and an apple scented one.

gramma_s said...

So that is where you get your name. To be honest I've never heard of them before, so you know what I'll be doing tomorrow. I'll start out in search of the scented geranium. There are 2 garden center close to me so I'll start there.

Mrs. Mac said...

gramma_s ... I just so happened to order several scented geraniums yesterday on-line. I'll let you know what condition they are in when they arrive. The scents I ordered are: mint rose, rose (skeleton shaped leaves), Mrs. Taylor scented geranium, peppermint, village oak (woodsy scent), and two lemon thyme plants. Pray tell that they are not dead when the postman deliveres them!