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Friday, July 14, 2006

Scented Geranium Part II (Plants by Mail)

About a week ago I posted about ordering some scented geraniums thru the internet. As you can see from the photos, they finally arrived yesterday by UPS. This being the first time ordering plants by mail, I was a bit skeptical about the condition they would arrive in. All survived and seem to be doing well. My favorite two are the peppermint and rose scents. I feel as though they are some type of adopted childern needing a mother's nurture (lol). Plans have already been made for taking care of them in the winter months by having a few indoor planter boxes in the foyer. It's funny the way God has hardwired his female creation with the desire to take care of everybody and everything including plants. I suppose if it was left up to the menfolk the children (and house plants) would look like little raggamuffins running around not caring if socks or shirts matched pants. And good thing we women are not to be the hunters as we'd all starve from not wanting to shoot "Bambi's mother" for dinner.


Maggie Ann said...

Oh how exciting...I love scented geraniums...would you mind sharing the addy of the place you ordered from? Just thought I'd ask...smile ...you can ignore me, its ok. Yes, it is amazing the way God has 'wired' us. I think its because everything good we are comes from the very heart of God himself. I love Him so much....hope you have a great day!

mrs. mac said...

maggie ann, the website for the scented geraniums is:


hope they have a scent you will enjoy.

Birmingham Girl said...

I wish I were a gardner, I'm not but I really admire all who are. Scented Geraniums sound heavenly! I really agree with nuture/gatherer. That was God's intent for us and when we follow His plans things work as they should..most of the time anyway! My husband and I totaly fit those roles. Sometimes we can't understand the thinking of the other one, but we survive!

Mrs. Diamond said...

i never knew you could order plants through the web! but though I'm a nurturing person at times, plants do not like me. I kill them no matter how hard I try. I'll usually drown them at first.... And if that doesn't kill them then they'll die because I forgot to water them. LOL

gramma_s said...

Oh, I just love to read your website. You challange me and encourage me, all in one.