"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Good Boy

Today little Nathan was a good boy during the special needs Sunday school program at church. Dh liked the service too, as well as Elizabeth and Ryan (her intended) and daughter Ann. Now I just need to do a little more checking into how things are run corporately before committing to making this our home church. Just because the Lord asks us to tithe, doesn't mean we should do so without making sure there's some type of good accountability with church funds and that their doctrine is sound as well.

It's blazing hot and we're stiffling inside the house! We took a short little trip out to Kellog and enjoyed the air conditioned car for a few hours. My poor plants on the porch are just barely hanging in there. They take up the afternoon heat and have been baking the past few days. I should move them to the backpatio to help revive them. Even someone with a green thumb has limits in this heat :)

Tonight dh and I are meeting with friends for dinner. I'm starting to feel separation pangs as he leaves on Tuesday :(

May the Good Lord bless you and send a little cooler weather our way.


gramma_s said...

With this kind of weather you can't stay "wet behind the ears" very long. We've had a very hot week and each day gets warmer. Friday 102, Saturday 104, Sunday106. We had a very hard lightning and wind storm this eve and it was still 97 at midnight. Finding a sound church is rather hard at times, but when you do find one, it is so rewarding.

Birmingham Girl said...

You are very wise to find out the facts about a church before jumping into a commitment. Isn't that a sad thing to say, I even shocked myself when I re-read what I wrote. I must say that a church with a program for special needs children sounds like they are very circumspect in their planning. That speaks highly of them. They are thinking of the entire family, not just focusing on one certain age group like so many seem to do. You must be getting the blues thinking about your husband leaving. How often does he get to come home? I'm sure he feels the same sadness. How much longer till he retires?
I should take another picture of my puny petunias, I pinched them as per your advise, and it already looks like a new plant! The just needed someone who knew what they were doing! Thank you!!