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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My Little Copper Roof

This past weekend, I've done a lot of exploration on the www. My vision is blurry today from using an interactive paint program through Benjamin Moore paints. To use, you choose a sample house style as close to your's as possible, then you can try different siding, trim and accent colors to you little heart's desire. Since our house plans are somewhere between country and craftsman, and because the predominate design for our area is craftsman in a forest setting, we're (I'm) leaning toward the richer, earthier colors and hope to include a copper topped roof section on a front bay window. It should be great to see how it changes color over the next few years, from a shinny new penny look, to warm shades of brown, and finally a lovely verdigris.

I know I posted about not needing air conditioning (until you need it) ... today we could have used it!! ... must make note definately get AC installed in new home.

I went to the property today and to see the progress of a nearby home that is being built. They just poured the cement basement today. Hopefully with any luck, we will have an easy time digging our basement ... would hate to hit lots of rock ... as this will add to the cost of the home.
Thinking positive about this coming week!

PS ... I just found this post that I wrote two weeks ago and saved as a draft. Since I'm a bit busy today, I'll share "My Little Copper Roof" story.


Maggie Ann said...

Copper is special, I like it too. Well, I smell my coffe perking...better go check it.

Mrs. Diamond said...

oh that's beautiful!! and yes, definitely get a/c!

gramma_s said...

If you ever live in southern Idaho,An AC will be at the top of your list. I like the little copper roof. Do they garantee it not to turn green? like the Vista House on the Columbia River. Maybe they put a finish on it nowdays. Wish you the best as you shop for your house.

Mrs. Mac said...

Oh gramma_s ... that green look is what the desired outcome should be. It's a natural process that happens to the copper from the weather. It takes about eleven years to go from shiny copper to shades of brown then to verdegris (greenish).