"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Monday, October 27, 2008

There's No Hiding

.... from God. In years past, I have been a magnet for depressed souls. Being a Polyanna optimist has its flaw in that the severely depressed seem to be attracted to me in an overwhelming number. My initial response is to help fix problems. Most people don't just look me up in the phone book under Miss Sunshine, but are lead to me by divine intervention (I presume ;). Some have been inherited through hubby's guy friends in the form of wives. Others from my past home schooling networks. However they find me, turning them away from a listening ear, a cup of tea, or an outing out has not been in my nature. Add to that the pressure of being the mom of child with his own special needs, it's not hard to understand how after moving to a new state, with a new start, has made me steer clear of forming attachments. Just last night I commented on a friend's blog about how I am 'hiding from God (in jest) considering myself not available to this 'outreach' He has bestowed upon me. No more than ten minutes had gone by from hitting the 'send' button for my comment when the phone rang. I picked it up to hear a familiar voice, from another state, just wanting to make sure she hadn't lost touch with me. This after 18 months of no contact. She being one of the ex-wives of hubby's childhood friend. I took this to be a sign from God that there is no hiding from Him. Just too coincidental. Am I alone in doing this 'hiding'?

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Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac..I have seen it myself that you are a magnet to people with heart aches. I have used you and Miss Patty,myself on occasion and both of you have met the need!
Do you remember how you used to encourage Noel Lewis and always gave him your listening ear?
Well it seems that he took your good advice!
Guess what Mrs. Mac? He got married about a month ago to a pretty looking girl named Karen.
I will have to send you over his second blog so that you can take a look at her!...You are a encourager!...Love Terry