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Friday, October 03, 2008

?Smart Business News?

In all fairness, how many of you think the national news coverage is unbiased? Be it politics, religion, sexism, environmental issues, etc. Yesterday, I had to call my satellite tv provider to question a charge on my bill. While I had the attention of the customer service representative, I lodged a complaint. "Why does your company peddle all of the liberal media news channels, including the new OBAMA channel, CNN, HNN, MSNBC, and the likes in your basic no frills package, and charge extra to receive the FOX network news channel???? You should give your viewers a choice of coverage." No wonder there are still so many undecided voters wavering on the political fence. I think a little friendly competition between the media companies would be a good thing. Two options are better than being force-fed one. I'm ready to pull the plug on Dish Network.


Pat said...

We have Dish network up at the cottage, but Fox is part of our package. Not that we ever get up there anymore, but one day we will and we will watch FOX! I think I'd rather watch no TV then watch the "we adore Obama" channels.

Louise said...

The national news coverage is anything but unbiased. I'm at a point I simply don't care to watch much of any of it and don't believe half of what they tell us. One man we do watch is Glenn Beck as he seems to have his head on straight and isn't afraid to tell the truth.

Jim said...

Hi MM. Hmmm, so they charge you for Fox News? Did you know they charge extra for Fox News to the high rollers and contributing conservatives. That is free enterprise at its best. :-)

For the poorer middle class and lower class slobs like us it is not extra but most of us don't watch it anyway.

At our house we don't even have cable. The government is going to buy us a couple of converters but Fox News only comes in for those who can afford cable or satellite.

Saija said...

we have fox with our cable ... plus our canadian news ... plus british news ... i DO like fox for the american coverage - they seem to realize that there is more than just one world view!