"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ruby Tuesday

Today I'll try my hand at a Ruby Tuesday post. The origin is from Mary T, please check out her site.

The name -- of it -- is "Autumn" --

The hue -- of it -- is Blood --
An Artery -- upon the Hill --
A Vein -- along the Road --

Great Globules -- in the Alleys --
And Oh, the Shower of Stain --
When Winds -- upset the Basin --
And spill the Scarlet Rain --

It sprinkles Bonnets -- far below --
It gathers ruddy Pools --
Then -- eddies like a Rose -- away --
Upon Vermilion Wheels --

by: Emily Dickenson

Photos: Our scarecrow standing guard by Nathan's ruby red wagon, our pumpkins and flowers.


Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
you are a true garden artist with a photographer's eye.
Emily Dickinson (one of the best) adds quality and depth to your Ruby Tuesday work.
Happy Ruby Tuesday from Felisol

Maggie Ann said...

Oh, can it really be Autumn already? 'Say it ain't so Joe'...grin. I'm tucked away indoors today and should be outside. I've been spinning and loving it. Your new haircut is so becoming. I love it. You look like a million! Nice blog colors too. I'm almost done knitting my shoulder shawl..I need to get it blocked this week. Maybe it will dry in the great outdoors. I'll let you know when it makes its debut on the blog...smile. Have you been making any cards or collage lately? I made my sister her Birthday card yesterday. It came together nicely after a bit. Hope you are having a good day Mrs.Mac.

Cherie said...

What a great scene! I love this time of year. And the poetry, a wonderful touch.

Maggie Ann said...

I'm done...thanks for the letter!

Maggie Ann said...

Me again! I just read your comment about the spinning group. I think you would enjoy spinning...very much! There's a great magazine called 'Spin-off' that has great articles about wool and spinning and lots of video clips on youtube..~~~I noticed just now that your favorite book list includes Elsie Dinsmore and The Scarlet Pimpernal...love them both. Well, I haven't read the Scarlet P. but have an old video at hand that I kept telling my better half how good that movie was for the whole week after I watched it. So much to enjoy, and the years are swiftly passing by. Good thing heaven is eternal, isn't it!

Hildegarde said...

A cozy pumpkin atmosphere !

the teach said...

I love your first Ruby Tuesday post, Mrs. Mac! Thanks so much for joining us! You are welcome and I hope you continue to participate! :)

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac..
Oh the little Gift's wagon just makes this beautiful scene so special!
Really, really nice Mrs. Mac!
I love Emily Dickenson's poetry, and I am glad that you put it in here.

Thank you for visiting me. It seems so long since I heard from you and I was so glad to hear your voice!....Love Terry

I like the new you Mrs. Mac!

Pat said...

Doesn't seem possible with all that Fall beauty that Winter could be right around the corner!