"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Saturday, October 11, 2008

10 To Do Today

Saturday Agenda:

  1. sleep late
  2. clean up garden
  3. open-air Jeep ride around lake
  4. mow grass
  5. get burn permit at fire department
  6. rake leaves
  7. make a large pot of chili
  8. bake cookies
  9. afternoon nap
  10. bubble bath

Photo: Lakeside autumn drive, North Idaho, by Mrs. Mac


Saija said...

how'd the list go?

i was thinking of a bike ride (after the housecleaning) but it is quite cool here ... i wimped out and just vegged out indoors today!

that library job will be great again - it'll force me out the door!

blessings on ya!

p.s. maggie ann posted pics of sarah pallin, they went to a rally held near them ...

Deb said...

Did you ever take that bubble bath yesterday?

...My copy of the book hasn't arrived yet --when it does, I'll let you know and yes - let's have a "book club"!!

Constance said...

Ahhh... I could use that tranquility right about now! The wedding is closing in and today is Charles' 18th birthday. I have 6 teenage boys camped out all over the living room (no school today), I have taken Dave to the airport and come back home and it's not even 9AM! Soon I will be firing up the griddle and making mountains of pancakes for hungry young men! WOW! No wonder I am exhausted!


Margie said...

I think I'll be visiting you instead of Austria this summer...