"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Silver Chop Crop

My daughter Ann once commented that her hair 'felt' brown. Now a statement such as this ... from her ... is nothing unusual. But I have to admit, I'm not 'feeling' the silver just quite yet ... even though I see silver. Maybe when my new doo grows out a bit, then I'll start feeling it.


Pat said...

I think you look so good! Your eyes really show so pretty with your sassy new doo! What does Mr. Mac think of the new you? I wore my hair in a pitiful ponytail today...how bad is that!?

Northeast Iowa Mom said...

Wow!!! It's gorgeous!

Sara said...

you look so cute! i love it!

Louise said...

You look wonderful!!!

Jim said...

Hey MM! It looks gooooood! Did you blue it a little? I am tempted to do that to mine, if only it would get a little whiter.

We are pretty well back to normal around here, north of Houston. Houston is still getting to its feet, Galveston and between Galveston and Houston are suffering very badly. A lot of homes were totally destroyed way down in Galveston and along the Texas coast.
I haven't heard the death count lately but a lot of stupid people wouldn't evacuate and just plain got washed away.

When I retired I gained 16 (or more) pounds. I guess eating donuts does add to those guys' weights.
I have not eaten a donut all last year and so far this year. I doubt if I ever will eat one again unless it is at the old folks home where I become a non person.
Have you read Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen? I recommend it, I listened to it on tape. There are a couple of places "R" rated to my feeling but it still is good overall.
The main character is in a nursing home and people won't believe him when he tells of his prior life events (working in a circus).

Jim said...

And I have lost about six pounds since stopping the donuts. :-)
(Well, a few other things too).

Mrs. Mac said...

No Jim, I did not use a blue rinse ... but it does have a steel blue cast to it ... which caused me to go buy all new cool colored clothes ... out with the browns ... in with the blue/black/gray/red/pink ... etc. I may even switch my eye glass frames too ;) ... Thanks for everyone's kind comments.

Constance said...

I like your new doo, the most important thing is how you feel!

I didn't realize your Hub had been a copper! So was mine a long time ago before he went with the railroad. In fact, his youngest brother has been a copper and is Asst Chief of Police for the municipality he has workd for for the past 25 years!

My HUb has never really had a thing for donuts, home-made Toll House cookies however are a different story!


Margie said...

if I could type 500 font I would!

Oh my! it's so cute and so awesome! I love it!! it makes your eyes pop! You are beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Daughter,

It did give me quite a start seeing you with the silver hair - it was like looking at an image of me about twenty some years ago!! It really is a beautiful shade and I'm sure you will have fun with it. For the longest time after I let mine go grey/silver I couldn't believe it was me when I looked into a mirror.

You are beautiful inside and out. Dad and I love you very much.....

Vicki said...

Hi Mrs. Mac! I forget how I got here, but pleased to visit with you a bit this morning. Seems we have several friends in common:-) Let me say this, your hair is GORGEOUS. I'm at that stage myself where I need to decide to keep coloring (it fades so fast!) or let it all hang out! LOL. I'm probably all salt & pepper by now. Anyway, you look great and your hair is just so pretty.


Saija said...

you look lovely!!!!

Amrita said...

You Look very smart.