"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, January 08, 2009

It's Time

... for my annual vacation dream. To be honest, I like to day dream about travel. Last year we WERE supposed to go to Glacier National Park in NW Montana, but alas, practicality won over and we spent the money finishing up our front yard landscaping. I'm honestly trying to remember the last time I took a vacation. It was probably in 2005. A cruise/land tour of Alaska, and a trip to Missouri/Illinois to see family. Then came the whole upheaval of a move, building a home, time apart from hubby until he retired. Now as I sit here in the middle of winter, it's time to start some planning. Since Mr. Mac is a newby at work, he got slim pickins on the vacation calendar. A week in April, and another week around our anniversary in November. This will mean we have to take Nathan out of school for a little 'home schooling' by bringing a few projects for him to work on during our trip.

No grand travel plans are in the works. We will (Lord willing) make a circular loop over to the Seattle area, drop down to the Portland area, head east through the Columbia Gorge, then north east towards Spokane, WA. Here are some of the stopping off points along the way:

Leavenworth, WA a beautiful alpine Bavarian get-a-way.

Next stop along the trail will be the greater Seattle area that encompasses Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainier and the Puget Sound. Family and friends of ours live in this area so it will be tough to settle on just one or two stops.

Check out these awesome pics

Do you have any vacation plans this coming year?


Deb said...

This year we're going to Florida - if I can work it out logistically with my work schedule...

Everyone gets in free this year at DisneyWorld on their birthday. Hopefully, we'll go in June so that we can take advantage of a free ticket --Olivia's birthday is the 25th.

We have a timeshare in Kissimmee - just four miles from Disney. Our timeshare is complete with a waterpark - plenty to do on the resort without even leaving the property!

Hopefully, it will all work out.
We go somewhere almost every year since we have the timeshare --forces us to take some time for ourselves...and we never have to pay for our lodging. Can't beat it!

I've never been to Seattle --it's on my list! I have cousins there and would have great tour guides...now I just need to plan the trip!

Your trip sounds fabulous! That alpine town looks awesome! You're going to have a grand time and beat the crowds since you're going while school is still in session.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I have been to both of those places and how I wish I could go again. But I am thankful for the 10,000 slides I have of around the United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. I can take a vacation in my living room with pictures and fond memories. The US has so many beutiful places in it. I hope you get to take a vacation trip this year. It leaves lot of good memories. and it makes more aware of our Creator. Blessings, just me

Louise said...

God willing, we will go to the Smoky Mountains with our youngest son & his family ... rent one of those magnificent log homes ... sight-see, take pictures, watch the grandgirls have a good time and enjoy what God has created in the mountains of TN.

Crown of Beauty said...

Lovely pics! And the pics are nothing compared to the real thing. I pray you will get your well-deserved vacation and enjoy it!

Trish said...

Don't have any dream vacations i'm thinking about but i wouldn't mind
going to Seattle. The Skyline is fabulous! Happy dreaming...you deserve a vacation!

Jada's Gigi said...

Great plan you have there. this time of year I start dreaming of sunny beaches and warm weather...a weekend in South Beach would be perfect...not gonna happen...as a matter of fact we won't be doing much of anything til Sept when we plan to try and get 10 days or so in Hawaii with our daughter and SIL. heaven on earth I've heard. :)

Anonymous said...

You took me down memory lane! Loved Leavenworth! Went there twice. Very fun.

Another time you might think about seeing the outdoor Oregon Trail stage production in Oregon City. There was also an outdoor stage production at Champoeg State Park, too. All a bit south of Portland.

We enjoyed Mt. Hood and Rainer visits - as well as Crater Lake - waaay south. Sorry. Got carried away there. Thanks! I will enjoy hearing about the trip. Barbara