"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hello Sunshine ...

... goodbye freezing fog, freezing temps, snow, ice dams, slippery driveways, frosty the snowman ... etc. ... hello Paradise.

Paradise is the little town that my parents live in. It's in sunny Northern California. This post is not a 'dis' on winter, but a hello to five days of beautiful sunshine.

Super Bowl Sunday is my dad's 80th birthday ... so I'm flying down next Wednesday to surprise him. I haven't been home for three years. It will be weird stepping off the plane in snow-free sunshine.
No hubby and no children. Yes, I booked a round trip ticket (I know what you were thinking ... one way ;)

I, of course, still love winter ... but it will be nice to feel warm without a coat, gloves, scarf, hat and boots. No need to wear shoe chains/grippers, snow shoes, use a snow shovel, snow blower, or 4x4 plow.

Better get a pedicure so my tootsies look nice in sandals.

I think the heat is already getting to me :)


Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
I am so happy for you. Praying that this may be a great day also for your Dad.
His girl make that long travel to honor him.
I'm sure you'll be having a great time, and the best thing about traveling is actually coming home.
Being missed and double appreciated.
GO with God.
From Felisol

Trish said...

Walk in your bare feet just for me...that's what I miss this time of year! Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Daughter,

I hope by the time you arrive the sunshine is back in the sky. We have had 2 or 3 weeks of sunny, balmy spring like weather. But, today the clouds rolled in and rain is in the air. Of course, our temperatures will still be warmer than where you are coming from. And don't forget the toasty little woodstove in the living room to keep you comfortable. I'm really looking forward to your visit and so are your two brothers. It hasn't been easy keeping all these secrets from your dad and I've had to tell some real whoppers to him. Come home little girl and let us spoil you for a few days!!!

Love you honey

Mrs. Mac said...

Gosh Mom ... be a killjoy about the weather :) I'm putting in an order for sunshine next week. I won't call you unless absolutely necessary so Dad isn't suspicious!!!

Pat said...

Hello back to you...oh, I thought your blog title was saying hello to me. ;)
Save a seat on that plane...I'm ready, no beyond ready for some warmer weather!
Have lot's of fun and make some wonderful family memories...Happy Birthday Mrs. Mac's Dad!!

Barbara said...

What fun you're going to have with your mom and dad and brothers!! Enjoy every moment of it.

Louise said...

Think of us while you're enjoying your time in the sun. Have a wonderful time!

Constance said...

I LOVE taking "big girl" trips, getting on a plane and traveling somewhere! Today we're supposed to hit 80 degrees. I will open the windows and think of all of you shivering gals up north!

Rick said...

Hello Mrs. Mac, I just noticed that you became of follower of my blog. I am honored, but didn't your mother teach your anything about following strangers around?

Tell Dad hello for me. I'm pulling for Arizona.

Stay Tooned,


Mrs. Mac said...

Rick ... I checked out your website after you 'lured' me there with the offer of a free drawing a few weeks ago ... even thinking of having you do a cartoon sketch of my hubby. Hopefully you are not too strange ;)

Deb said...

California! When's your flight? I could book a connection and fly with you!

Enjoy your trip --and time spent with your family. Happy Birthday to your Dad!!!

Word Verification:
micappi ---not to be confused with Mi Pappy --a.k.a. your Dad!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip!

Rebecca said...

Wow....how could you keep away from Paradise for three years??!!! Towns have such interesting names...what is the story behind this one??