"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hoping For A Breeze

The past few days our area has experienced frozen ground fog. Yesterday around 10:00 AM the sun broke through on my little mountain and wondrous blue skies did appear. Having to run to town in the afternoon brought me down the hill to a still frozen world with very limited visibility. Heaviness hung in the air and gave me claustrophobia. The trees were frozen and white. The road was black and slick. Today my little mountain is encased with frozen air. I am hoping for a breeze to once again reveal the sunshine.


Trish said...

Wow! Don't you love every intricate detail of this frozen Pine Branch? Another masterpiece
from God.
Now i pray a rushing, mighty wind to blow through your area and clear things up!

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac
I think that although the snow is pretty, the cold air seems to be affecting the Idaho Snow Queen!
You know, the way you wrote this post, it sounds almost like one of Donna's poems.

Mrs. Mac, I have fooled around with the settings on my blog and now I have only three posts when you try to download. Let me know if this is better, OK? Because I really miss your comments...Love Terry

Pat said...

Dear Lord, blow a warm breeze over Idaho and cause the sun to shine and the blue skies to prevail. Then blow it on the Michigan.

Maggie Ann said...

Just looking at that ice makes me feel cold.

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful picture. I love it when ice freezes on the trees. Have you ever taken a picture of frozen fog? I have some beautiful pictures of frozen fog, but I don't have a pretty one of ice like you just shared. Thank you! Love, Gramma_s