"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Friday, June 01, 2007

Sunday Afternoon @ Granny Mac's ...It's Tradition

As is tradition, Sunday afternoon is a day to gather as a family and share a home cooked meal. My oldest daughter was taking a cat-nap and didn't make it for the photo. Nathan is being camera shy, and Ann so enjoys Mom's cooking. Ryan and Jacob head for the couch and take a soporific rest after the meal.

Miss Terry, aka Canadian Blogger requested some time ago for me to post pictures of one of our Sunday gatherings.


Constance said...

Great pictures! I love "stopping by to visit" when other bloggers share glimpses into their home life.

I am still considering a post, challenging everyone to do a virtual tour of their homes and post the pics on their blog! Wouldn't that be fun?

Maggie Ann said...

The pictures tell a nice story of a tranquil Sunday afternoon spent together....enjoyed seeing these. Your grandson is soooo adorable..

Terry said...

Oh!.. Thank you so much Mrs. Mac!

You know I only had a little time to show these pictures to Bernie before we left to go to Macdonald's this morning.
We both think they are SOOOO nice!
So homey!!
All that good food and all those windows!!
Such a darling couple and a sweetheart of a baby!!
I know you work hard Granny Mac, but aren't you one rich lady?!!

If you need someone to do the dishes anytime that you are too tired, I will email that Bernie over!!

Thanks for the good pictures...Love Terry

Pat said...

The only thing missing is Terry and me!
Is baby Jacob always so peaceful and angelic? You are blessed!

Terry said...

We are there in spirit Miss Patty and if it works emailing that Bernie, then we shall just have to email ourselves, eh?

If you are talking to Sara yet, tell her she is welcome to come too.
She can stoke up the fire.

Good thing that Mrs. Mac finally has fast speed!!..Love Terry

Terry said...

Oh by the way Mrs. Mac...I DID use duct tape on my dad!!
What kind of mother would I have been?
The Lord surely knew, eh?!!
What if I had been a mother??
Oh!!...Love Terry