"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Friday, June 15, 2007

Grandpa Meets Jacob

Could there be more excitement than Mr. Mac meeting his first grand baby today??? Check out their matching Cardinal's jerseys ... caps ... and team Build-A-Bear!

Photos: Grandpa and Jacob;
Jacob with his mom and dad

Thanks cousin Mike for the bear ... and to grandpa for buying little Jake his first baseball jersey.


Constance said...

I gotta ask! What is the St Louis Cardinals connection? I am from St Louis and grew up listening to the games at Busch on KMOX!

Terry said...

Oh boy Mrs. Mac!!
Is that Mr. Mac.!!
No wonder you missed the guy!!..Love Terry

Ps Now just see how that baby is growing.
Poor Miss Patty is sure missing out!
Didn't you say her room is ready for her?
What seems to be the hold up??

Mrs. Mac said...

Connie ... Mr. Mac is originally from St. Louis ... and we both have relatives in the area.

Pat said...

Is grandpa home for good?! Sweet pictures, what a beautiful family. You better watch out for that catchers mitt on Jacobs little hand - it looks like he could do some mighty damage with it!
Don't we all love to dress our babies up like little dolls?! It's probably because they are!
Terry, I think I'll let mr. and mrs. mac have some alone time - I don't think they need a visitor at the moment, but your right, babies grow so quickly!

Constance said...

Where in St Louis is he from? I grew up in the inner city, downtown area. We lived near Mallinckrodt, Salisbury and Grand Avenue. I went to Holy Trinity Catholic school/church. All of our family is now in the St Charles area. Small world!

Terry said...

Yeh you are right of course Miss Patty!
Besides you DO have four more weeks to work and then maybe it will be time for a vacation, eh?...Love Terry

Mrs. Mac said...

Connie ... dh was born in St. Louis and lived in Overland Park (early 1950's ... not such a nice area now), he has family across the river in Carlysle, Illinois ... and I have family in House Springs, MO (near St. Louis)

Pat ... Dh retires in 10 months ... but his visits will be closer together from now on :)

Anonymous said...

Does your dh look pleased or what?
That baby is sooo cute and it so much fun to dress them up.
I think you just wanted me to come here and see you grandbaby. But that's okay, I'll come look at him anytime. I have to sign my name because I can't seem to post otherwise. Just Gramma_s

Sara said...

hooray! welcome to your beautiful new home mr. mac!

Mrs. Darling said...

what neat pictures!

And Mrs Mac, Mr Mac is verrrrrry handsome! :) You did yourself proud, woman!

Actually my first thought was; well now I know why the kids are so pretty, with a mom and dad that look like that they couldn't help but be beautiful kids!

Deb said...

Lovely family!
Beautful baby!
Handsome husband!
Awesome kids!
You - are blessed!!!

Margie said...

great family!!

Maggie Ann said...

How sweet and your daughter is just beautfiful!