"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Here's The Scoop

It's late ... (Friday evening) and shame on me for having coffee this afternoon that has me still wired. We had our neighborhood garage sale today. The predicted showers held off until about 5 PM which was a blessing. Our "unloading of the goods" was rather puny ... and only netted us about $25. I don't think I'll reopen tomorrow as I'd actually rather spend the day cleaning ... or boxing up the leftover STUFF to give to charity. It was a nice opportunity to get out and meet a few neighbors.

Now to the "lost" dog story. As you may recall, dh was here for two weeks (having left just this past Thursday) ... anyway, I let him drive his new truck home after picking him and his mom up at the airport. Little did I imagine that once he pulled up in the driveway he'd hit the garage opener. The kids and I keep the "dawg" loose in there when we are away ... and since dh is still just in the "visiting" his own home mode for a few more months until retirement, he doesn't know our routine. Besides ... it just happened so fast I couldn't have stopped him. We didn't even see the dawg dash off for the green woods that encompass our area. Gone ... with the wind. I (being level headed about things ;) gave the Mr. a few dog treats, the leash and he and Nathan tromped off in search of the pet. I park dear mil inside our new house without as much as a "your bedroom is upstairs" and take off in the truck; being secretly delighted and sad all at the same time of the missing pooch. She's neurotic and needs medication for the tiniest thunder boom or 20 mile away strike of lightening, and barks and pants and acts stupid until I must rescue her from herself and put her away in the bowels of the basement without na're a window or door. Then out comes the muzzle if she won't be quiet ... she has managed to bark even with the muzzle ... sometimes I turn on a movie for her or the laundry room fan for a bit of white sound. In other words ... she's a real pain in the neck ... so the secret delight of her "gone missing" ... but, alas, she was not as stupid as presumed and dear mil spotted her in the backyard area to save the day.

My grandson is now three months old and just this week went to a salon and had his first little boy haircut. He had almost grown a mullet of soft fine baby hair ... the stylist nearly refused to cut the baby's hair ... something about company police and having to be at least a year old ... but, the kid really needed his ears lowered a bit.

Today is a beautiful blue sky, fluffy white cloud type of day in north Idaho ... I'm off to enjoy the great outdoors ... hope you have a blessed weekend.

Photo: Master Jake with his new "doo"


Mari said...

Hi Mrs Mac - I found your blog through Saija's blog and noticied several similarities in our lives. I have also been married for 26 years, but have 3 kids - 24,21,18. No grandkids yet - your Jacob is adorable! My son is about to leave for basic training, so it appears that is another thing in common. I've enjoyed reading your blogs. The new house is beautiful.

Maggie Ann said...

I enjoyed the sky here today to...just beauteous! Isn't that just Murphy's Law that your husband would let your dog free by accident..I'm chuckling mentally. What a homecoming! Your grandson is so cute. I have a picture of the fridge of our grandson getting his first haircut..the expression on his little face is priceless. He is totally stunned looking and has his 'pacy' stuck tight in his mouth. I never heard of 'stamp camp' but it must be fun. A good place to look for collage images is the Flickr collage groups, I have to warn you though... their are so many images/pictures.. and so fascinating...you can be there for quite a while...smile.

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac.
Thank you for visiting my sister Grace's site.
She was over here last night, so I convinced her to create a blog site.
We did it right from my computer.
She has always been a great story writer, so I think that she will enjoy it.

I am glad that the dawg was found!
I bet that the little gift was really happy, eh?
You try to appear so hard hearted about that poor animal, Mrs. Mac but you aren't fooling anyone!!....Love Terry

Pat said...

I share everything you write today except the grandson with the ton of hair, mine were baldies.
I have a love/hate thing about garage sales. I love to go to them, buy things that I realize I really don't need and then try to unload them at my next garage sale. Somehow mine don't move as fast - I think the market is flooded!
Same thing with the dogs. I love/hate them too! The are so sweet and such company and on the other hand can be a royal pain! The worst part is their lives are too short and you are so sad when its time to say goodbye. Hal has decided no more dogs till we can be reasonably sure they will outlive us!
Beautiful weather here too, right now life is too jam packed...a few more weeks of work and less pressure ~ or at least a different type of pressure!
Blessing my friend!!

Terry said...

Dear Miss Patty...Bernie is just the opposite of Hal.
He says if Shopping News ever passes on, we won't get amymote cats because if we do, he says that the cat would probably outlive us and then who would want to take a cat?...Love Terry

Margie said...

what a cutie!!

can you please send your addy to christdrivenmom@yahoo.com please?

I wish my dog would run away!

Mrs. Darling said...

Thats funny about your dawg!

And that baby is one real cutie!

Anonymous said...

It was fun catching up with you. When I get too busy to blog, life keeps on moving and I miss out on everything. Just gramma_s

Constance said...

Oh Man He is just too precious! The grandson, not the dawg! Ha Ha.
My son didn't need a haircut until he was nearly a year old. It must have something to do with being blonde-headed. Both Laura and Charlie because they were so blonde as babies looked nearly bald! I always made sure Laura was in a drss or something frilly because I couldn't put bows in her hair and they didn't do those little headband thingys that they do now!

Sara said...

oh, for just a moment there i was going to keep a look out for said dawg! we have an opening over here! and margie, just put gabbie on champaigne street and send her west. we'll wait right here for her! seriously, glad she came home safely. seems like a bear or wild peacock or something would get her out there in the woods. and grandbaby jacob looks fab.