"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Reminder Note For Gramma_s

My dear friend, Gramma_s is in need of some gentle reminders to speak louder according to her speech therapist. Here's just another reminder to her when she comes for a visit. Keep up the practice Gramma_s! Hugs


Anonymous said...

"WOOOOW!" was all that Pop could say.
Believe you me, this is the only reminder that has made me smile. I can't believe it, everywhere I go I am reminded (even on a friend's blog) And to think you even put it on bright yellow.
I think I'll copy this and show it to my therapist. :-) Do you have a copyright on your blog?
I suppose I should say thank-you, for the reminder.
Love(?)Gramma :-)

alltheveas said...

That is funny! :)-gramma_s daughter

Mrs. Darling said...


Mrs Mac you take the cake!

Terry said...

Oh Gramma_S...You spoke loud enough for me when you left that nice comment on my blog.
Thanks so much!!...Love Terry

Hi Mrs. Mac!
Have a real good Sunday.
Almost the whole family is home,eh?
So nice!!!!Love Terry

Pat said...

Grandma S - It's a wonderful thing to have good friends like Mrs. Mac isn't it!
Mrs. Mac - enjoy your family and give Jacob an extra kiss just because he's so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Pat-- it certainly is nice to have friends like Mrs. Mac. She has made a difference in my life.
Just Gramma

Terry said...

Mrs. Mac better give that little gift an extra kiss too Miss Patty!!
Love Terry

Hi "Just Gramma"!
She has made a difference in MY life, I'll tell you.
She just introduced me to her bestest friend, Miss Patty that's all!
Really though I don't know whether to thank her or give her heck about THAT!!
Depends on how my mood is going!...Love Terry

Mrs. Mac said...

Oh really, Miss Terry ... how is your mood today?? (lol) You and Miss Patty have a little rivalry going on over that tub and my most special guest room.

Terry said...

You kind of think so Mrs, Mac?
You are right and that Deb wants to get a run at that tub too!!
I have informed them both that I have dibs on that tub, but they just don't seem to want to listen!!

I have to finish putting the writing on my post...Love Terry

Oh Mrs.Mac...Did you see those three special boys that I was telling you about and their special mother, Gail?...