"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Potpourri (This and That)

With summer in full swing and DH returning to his day job tomorrow, the days hold work to be done while the little gift (Nathan) is away at day camp. I've got to organize a garage sale for this Friday and Saturday to help get rid of some not needed items. If I can make a small dent in our "collection" ... it will be worth the effort. Carpet was ordered yesterday for the basement (that's another long story posted on my This-New House site. A few days ago I picked up my junk store chair finds after having them reupholstered. The armchair was in such a bad way that I nearly fell through the seat after a few uses ... a definite homemade upholstery job when I bought it. The dining room chair is one of a pair that were also in need of some TLC. I had the fabrics coordinate ... both are much more comfy now. Our kitchen's curio cabinet is finally filled with "treasures" in pretty hues to complement the room. I hope to catch up on everyone's blogs in the next few days but have missed you all.


Margie said...

missed you, glad you're back.

Sara said...

well, i'm sure you and your dh will miss one another terribly; but i myself am a little tired of sharing you! safe travel to him, and your home is homier all the time!

Terry said...

She is still alive Miss Patty!!
So nice ot hear your voice again Mrs. Mac!

Your curio cabinet it so old fashioned..so nice!
I just hope that little Boy Blue doesn't want to explore it when his little legs will be running him around, adventure seeking!

The chair is so comfy looking.
I think that if you put it into Miss Patty's room, then all thoughts of her taking that bath tub from me will flee away!

Betty's husband John is so mean..
I had all kinds of good junk in my basement and he told me, "What you SHOULD do Terry is to pay people five dollars a bag to go down the basement and haul that junk away!!
For sure Mrs. Mac it WAS junk but it was GOOD junk!!
.....Love Terry

Pat said...

I've been waiting for him to hit the road (HA!)he's been keeping you from blogging...FOCUS ON PRIORITIES -WE'RE WAITING OUT HERE!! :)
The chairs look very nice - is that a leather seat? Curio looks very pretty too - very homey and warm.
Now excuse me...I must move on to your new house blog and see what's happening over there...maybe pictures of my room?

Maggie Ann said...

The upholstery on your armchair is so pretty..like art. I'm glad you got your collage. Your plans to make some sound like fun. I've been a busy bee this week and got lots of housework done today. Mending is on the schedule for tomorrow..I hope. Once the Wednesday stamper challenge is posted, I'm drawn like a magnet to see what I come up with. Can you tell I look forward to it...grin

Mrs. Darling said...

OOOO I love that first chair! Beautiful indeed.

Terry said...

You are SO funny Miss Patty!!
Hit the road indeed...YOU are the one that wants to hit the road right over to Mrs. Macs and jump right into MY bath tub!!...Love Terry

alltheveas said...

I'm sorry I just read your comment on my photoblog from the 24th. It sounds like you did a little better on your house than we did. We started late Oct '06 and are still working on it. We hope to be finished by the 1st of Aug. We did most of it ourselves. Hubby is subbing out the electric and sheetrock and a plumber friend helped with the plumbing. It is 4000 sqft 4bedr.3 1/2 baths with a two car garage with large storage room, mud room and half bath. I'll check back some other time when I have more time to check out more details of your house! : )

Mrs. Mac said...

OK ... Pat ... DH hit the road this morning. Now I have to get back in my independent mode and not the damsel in distress ... I had a hard time biting my tongue in order not to tell him how to do things around here (hee, hee). His first day home, he "accidentally" lost the dog (lol) in the forest ;) ...

Pat said...

'Bout time! Just kidding Mr. Mac!
You are good at living both lives, damsel and she-woman ~ I'd say that's how we should all be. Being totally one or the other really isn't very attractive.
Now.... where's that dog?

Terry said...

What happened to the DAWG?!
Did he lose the poor darling accicdently on purpose?
Miss Patty this has the strong odour of suspicion if you ask me!!
.....Love Terry

Terry said...

Hi Mrs. Mac...Of course I will have sweet dreams!
I will be getting my stitches of tomorrow!
I read Bernie that letter you wrote and he knows that you mean business.
If he pushes me down again, I am going to run away home to Idaho!!..Love Terry

Jada's Gigi said...

nice to see you getting all settled. Love the chairs!

Jim said...

Hi Mrs. Mac, wished I could come to your garage sale. My junk is getting old, maybe yours is better.
The chairs look nice, is all you did was to reupholster, or did they refinish too?

Do you have the poor dog back? I hope so, but maybe he ran away, he sure didn't look happy tied up there in the back yard.

Mrs. Mac said...

The chairs are both in a nice fabric and the finish (other than just a good cleaning) are as I purchased them. See my next post about the dog and garage sale.