"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


This past week my mother-in-law has been staying with us. Dh lives with her when he's working his day job ... the one he is retiring from in 10 more months ... so she flew in with him this trip. Yesterday we went out on the lake for a boat tour ... next time out I'd like to try one of the float planes. Tonight we met up with her brother and sister-in-law in Spokane for a nice dinner at Anthony's on the river. I think she has enjoyed her trip ... tomorrow she returns back home. Dh has another week here. My time has been well spent taking advantage of the mr.'s brute strength to move things I could only dream of moving.

Photos: Daddy with Nathan, Float Plane on Lake Coeur d'Alene, Me and the Mr., Dh and his mom, irresistible Jacob


Saija said...

lovely photos!!!
and 10 more months before retirement for your sweetheart? i bet you have a red-letter calendar for that!

blessings on ya!

Maggie Ann said...

I'm glad your hubby is home now...how do you ever get along without him at times...I admire you so! btw, if you'd like that last collage I made, just send me your addy. knittermag@yaho...just keep me anon...please..smile.

Jada's Gigi said...

What a handsome pair you two make! and only 10 months to go?!?! Yea!! Enjoy the next week together...it won't be much longer now til he'll be home! that baby is GORGEOUS!!

BTW loved your father's day post to your dad..so sweet! what a blessing!

Margie said...

great pictures! loved the post about your dad. We've been gone, glad to come home to all those pictures!

Jim said...

Wow, Mrs. Mac! You call your husband a brute! Kidding, of course, I read the word strenght too.
Have a nice week with him and M-in-Law. I did think at first they came in flying that little seaplane.
I can't compete with that 'Miss Terry.' She's a mess. My recovery might take longer than hers though. She has been pretty quite about it (no boasting), do you know if she has broken bones or sprains?

Deb said...

I'm sure your relishing every scrumptious minute with your dh.
...and the fact that he's good for lifting and moving heavy objects is good too! ;)

Lovely photos --especially of that cutie patootie Jacob!!
Thanks for sharing!

Pat said...

Great pictures - enjoy your time with one another!

Constance said...

These are great photos, thanks so much for sharing them with the rest of us. I love the one of your 2 Sweeties!

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Mrs.Mac...your collage went out this morning....=). I'm all tuckered out from my cello practise right now, but I'll recover soon. I'm ready for R&R right now.

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac..
Well here I am in one piece and trying to get caught up thanking all the good people who prayed for me.
Thanks so mcuh!!

Now the real reaon for me coming.
Sure you can send that officer right over to arrest that Bernie.
Here he is now denying it but we have it on blog paper that time he admitted it to the Pigrim Pals so he is out of luck!!

Thanks again though Mrs. Mac!

These pictures are just adorable!
That little gift gets cuter every day.
What a little man he is!!

What can I say about that little boy blue that you have here.
He is such a treasure, eh?

Well take care and I will catch you later!

Miss Patty has three more Fridays to work!
Yay!!...Love Terry

Sara said...

what a great bunch of photos you've been sharing! so good to see the family at large!

Jim said...

Thanks, Mrs. Mac, for those family pictures. You are like a PenPal sending family photos, but to a very lot of us.

You can have your choice, # 20,009 or 2nd. Take your choice. Even though Cliff wasn't 20,000, he was No. 1 of my 'friends.' Then every one between you and Cliff were strangers, Googlers ['brown june bugs,' two '1976ChryslerCordobaSportCoupe,'] and my sister-in-law in North Louisiana who never leaves comments.