"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Earthly Father

My dad is my hero. When I was eleven years old, he married my mother taking on the responsibility of raising my brothers and me ... a guy that never before had children ... instantly becomes the father of three half grown children. No longer is the word "step" included in his title. Just dad, pop or papa will do. Thanks Dad for stepping up to the plate and making us your own. People often wonder where I get my "handyman" skills ... I always watched you tinker in the garage taking things apart, making something old run like new again. You were a good teacher and didn't even know it. I hope you have a great Father's Day today. Missing you much in Idaho. Love, your little daughter. Hugs & Kisses

Photo: Mom, Dad, yours truly


Jim said...

Now Mrs. Mack, why in the world did you ever let him get away, way over there in Idaho.

Happy Father's Day, Dad! That Mrs. Mac sure did learn to love, I know from her parent's teaching and example.

My Dad died this year, March 19. I miss him today, I will try to wish some more others Happy Father's Day.
I'm teaching Sunday school this morning, immobilizer and all. So I can do that though none are old enough to be my dad (70 and over, Dad was 97).
They have a stool for me this morning.

My own kids made contact, Karen, Billy, and GC#4 (a.k.a. BP) took us out to eat Italian food Friday night.

BTW, Mrs. Mac, you sure do stay up late!

Mrs. Mac said...

Ahh, Jim ... I don't really stay up late ... my time zone set on the blog is a few hours ahead of my own Pacific Time.

Pat said...

I posted a comment this morning - it must be floating around in cyber space or it will post twice when I least expect it!
That's such a nice picture - you are blessed to have such a fine man to call "dad"...and he's blessed to have such a fine daughter.
Your mom's quite the hottie- good looks are all over the place in your family!!

Deb said...

such a beautiful photograph!
and a wonderful tribute to your Dad!

I'll say it again...
you - are blessed!

Sara said...

what a great dad you have. God always fills in our empty places, huh?

Terry said...

Dear Mrs.Mac..You are such a beautiful looking girl!!
Your mom and dad are just precious!!...Love Terry

Anonymous said...

What a blessing that you step-father became a real Father to you.
You look like your Mother and I would say both are very pretty. and I'm saying all this LOUD! :-)
Guess who?

Constance said...

Continuation from the posts the other day about St Louis:

We have friends that live in House Springs, The Currie's and my real father lives in the Cedar Hill/Robertsville area there in Jefferson County. The worls is indeed a small place after all!