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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

When Grandpa Got Saved

My maternal grandfather was a late bloomer ... that is with his walk with the Lord. I've heard statistics through the years about how few older people make a decision for Christ ... he was in his late 70's before his "rebirth." His one liner as I was growing up was, "I'm going to get to heaven on Grandma's credit card." Even as a child, I knew this was not possible ... so why did he have to always say that? In 1986 I got up the courage to just present the Gospel to Grandpa. He lived in Northern California near my mom at the time ... and they would both be visiting for a few days. The night prior to his arrival, I had a very strange dream ... and in this dream, Mom called to tell me that she couldn't come down to visit because Grandpa had just died of a heart attack. As soon as she told this to me (in my dream), I immediately saw where his spirit was going ... and let's just say, folks, that it was not to heaven. Do you think this little revelation gave me the extra courage to witness? (YES) His first night staying at my home, he was presented with God's word and accepted Christ as his personal savior. The very next day, while visiting with a friend, he had a major heart attack (I kid you not)! He "just so happened" to be about a mile from a well renowned heart hospital ... and his doctor was a believer too. (Now, if this had happened at his home in the mountains, he'd not have made it.) Needless to say, Grandpa pulled through and lived another 14 years.

Photo of Grandpa Bob about age 10 (1918)


Maggie Ann said...

That gives me goose-bumps or are they God-bumps..smile. What a huge blessing that he accepted Christ as Saviour, and that God gave you the courage to witness to him!

Birmingham Girl said...

Yikes, talk about waiting till the 11th hour! Good thing is - it still counts! almost 40 years ago I've had a similar dream about my brother - he still resists and I hope and pray is gets his 11th hour to make that decision on where he'll spend eternity, after that hour is up, it's too late.

Mrs. Darling said...

Wow you actually had a vision! How amazing tath it went like that. Thank God he got saved.
What a cute boy he was!

gramma_s said...

How special it was that you got to be the one to lead him to Christ. God always has a blessing if we follow His still small voice or in your case it wasn't so still, but you minded God and you was blessed. How wonderful.

Jada's Gigi said...

OMGoodness! That was dramatic! Thank the Lord your Grandpa met the Lord! It always makes me sad when loved ones just won't give it up. Great picture. I have no pictures of my grandparents in any kind of fun setting...only stiff formal family pictures.

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac...I am so glad that you pointed your friend to this story and so glad that you told me about it.
It is just so incredible!
My dad's mom got saved when she was 71.
When Dad Golden retired from the air force and moved to Welland, and when I when I got my car licence, I used to pick Gramma up every week for Gospel meeting.
She lived in St. Catherine's.
It was well worth the fifteen miles.
Besides getting to know her better, I was also glad that she was willing to hear the gospel.
After about a year of her coming, she was at special gospel meetings that were going on nightly and she really got stirred in her soul.
I will never forget the night that she stayed behind to talk to the preacher and I could hear them talking as I waited for Gramma in the hall way.
When he had read a few Bible verses to her and talked to her, I heard him ask, "Well Granny what to you say?"
She said, "I'll take it!" That is ALL she said but she did take the gift of salvation and she lived a few years to prove it!
So simple, eh yet so fantastic!!

The night that she passed away, I remember going to Dad's and Mom's and Dad was so sad.
I asked him, "You know where she is don't you Dad?" And he said, "Yes".

Thanks Mrs. Mac...Love Terry

Crown of Beauty said...

This is an amazing story, thank you for sharing it with me by giving me the link to it.

Wow... aweseome, and yet I know God does that all the time - give us dreams to alert us, to warn us, to give us direction, and to give us hope.

I am happy that he will be in heaven, waiting for you and me when we get there!

Much love