"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Friday, August 18, 2006

What Ever Happened To: (Foods My Kids Want To Forget!)

Am I that far removed from this current generation with regards to food likes? Here is a list of foods I grew up on and have tried to incorporate over the years without much success with my own children:

1. Creamed ham on toast (one out of the four kids will eat this)
2. Sweet pickles (no takers)
3. Watermelon rind pickles (yucky is their response)
4. Casseroles, i.e. tuna noodle, etc. (no takers)
5. White beans cooked with ham (no takers)
6. Coconut
7. Most nuts
8. Egg salad
9. Raisins

I have not purposefully raised picky eaters. They're not all that picky in that they eat veggies, fruit, meats, etc., but when it comes to a recipe with any of the ingredients they don't like, I usually omit them.

Well, maybe I'm pushing their buttons a bit too much. Seems I remember my grandparents eating peanut butter sandwiches with sweet pickles (yuck!).

I guess our food fare is somewhat better now, although we don't get as much farm fresh tasting veggies and fruits that we had growing up. Seems the supermarkets don't know about fresh tasting peaches and plums; they only know about fruit that is blemish free, picked way too green, available out of season from foreign countries, etc. What I'd give to have some fresh picked fruit. Maybe I should take a little jaunt out to a farm stand or visit the next farmer's market this weekend. And this fall, maybe we could go apple picking. Maybe it's ok that the kids don't like sweet pickles too! Now they know all about garlicky kosher pickles and seemed to use them as pacifiers as youngins. OK, it's really ok that we don't like all of our parent's comfort foods from childhood; seems I remember my dad grew up eating squirrel (yikes). OK kids, we'll strike tuna noodle casserole from the recipe cards. Silly me, what was I thinking?


Mrs. Diamond said...

ok, sorry none of those foods appealed to me. LOL. Got any chicken fingers with honey dill sauce?

Mrs. Mac said...

OK, I really wasn't smoking anything funny when I wrote this post :) And we did eat more "normal" foods as a kid. But growing up with grandparents and parents that lived through the depression, or not always having $ for meals without the thought of leftovers, they made meals from this and that. We just never had the nerve to push the plate away and say I'd rather not eat tonight :)

Birmingham Girl said...

Husband and I had tuna noodle casserole last night! We also love white beans and ham -what does that say about our food taste? Like you, we didn't grow up eating restaurant food, it was not an option for us. Here's a strange little food I had as a kid, my kids also like it..hominy. Don't run across many people that get angry because you ate all the hominy! Food is really tied in with memories isn't it? I guess that's how they came up with that Pillsbury tag line, "nothing says lovin' like something fromt he oven"!

Toni said...


I see you found my tags. Glad you can use them, gosh I havent updated my websited in forever.

I have added your link to my blog.

Mrs. Diamond said...

(hugs) :)
yeah my parents served us some pretty depression era foods at times too. toasted tomato sandwiches comes to mind... I still actually love those!

gramma_s said...

I happen to like everthing on your list, I even like peanutbutter and pickle sandwiches....peanutbutter and tomato...peanutbutter and jelly...peanutbutter and banana...peanutbutter, miricle whip and lettuce.:-) How antique am I? :-)

Mrs. Darling said...

We took pb and pickle sandwiches in our lunches many times as kids.

Did you ever eat scrapple with tomato gravy?

Mrs. Mac said...

Tonight I'm fixing red beans and rice as a side dish to some sauted porkchops, green salad, and artesian sourdough with roasted garlic bread! The kids will eat all but the redbeans. Mrs. Darling, I had to look up the word scrapple, (A mush of ground pork and cornmeal that is set in a mold and then sliced and fried.)And no, we were not introduced to this food.:) If only it had a more appealing name. I'm sure my mil ate plenty of it as she was from a big farm family that butchered their own hogs, and ate bloodsausage, headcheese, all types of innerds and "outers" (lol)

Margie said...

egg salad is super yummy!

Willena said...

I had a special treat for supper tonight. Something I never had when growing up in the 50's and 60's, but also something I've never had in recent years either. FRESH spaghetti squash -- five minutes from garden to oven! I thought it looked rather green, but oh! how yummy it was! Tender and mild tasting, and delicious with spaghetti sauce and grated cheese. :-)