"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Much To Do About Everything

Now that things are rolling along on the "home" front, hardly a day goes by that dosn't just evaporate as quickly as it started. And building a home with dh 1400 miles away, makes me wonder about my (in)sanity. I have to wear many hats throughout the day, including: mother, father, cook, maid, chauffeur, buying agent, general manager, banker, teacher, gardener, and referee. Whew! I get paid in slurrrpy kisses from the dog and little Nathan. No real paycheck has come my way for 23 years. I have two young ladies (daughters) both in love that I must supervise 24/7, and a son in the military that gives me worrywarts. On top of all my motherly duties, I must make decisions about 95% of the features in the new home. I left 5% for dh to choose just so he won't hold anything against me (lol). Let's see, today I must file an application for a septic tank, call the loan officer, check on a building permit, fire my first builder officially, and entertain guests ... all while wearing a smile. I wonder what surprises will get thrown in the mix!


Mrs. Darling said...

Ach! I remember the bother of it all when we built our 1450 sq ft addition. Theres now ay though that I could have done it without my husband. My hats off to you!

gramma_s said...

Congratulations on being the mother of all trades. Wait till your 6o something and you can be a master of the rocking chair (I truely hope not) I read an article today about lonely people, after talking with a 73 yr old lady, she says, "I have lots of friends, in fact I'm having 18 of them to my place for dinner tonight" groan, well I'm thankful for my two, Ben Gay and Arthur Ites. :-)

Mrs. Mac said...

Just got your little play on your "friend's" names, gramma_s :) I've already got my rocking chair on order from the Cracker Barrel .. dh has one to match.