"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Friday, June 16, 2006

Hurry Up And Wait

I'm very frustrated right about now ... it's late (actually early) and I just wrote a frustrating letter to my home builder about all of the delays ... I have been here for two months now and still we have not begun to build our home. The plans were finalized in March with the designer ... I was told engineering would only take two weeks ... It's been over a month since they were dropped off and I'm not sure if the builder is dragging his feet or what! FRUSTRATION with a capital F. Time is money ... and as I sit here staring at the four walls of my rental home, I read daily how the interest rates keep going up, up, and up. This means less, less, and less of my money to cover the cost of the home if we have to borrow less because of interest rates climbing (I do have to make this affordable to live in). I'm not sure if that makes sense ... but you get the drift. The lease on the rental home is up in September ... and there's no way my home will be done by then ... also, I have to consider what school district to enroll the kids in ... not an easy task when one has an IEP for special education and I have two districts involved. Boy, I'm not making much sense ... shouldn't write when upset. Poor Dh, I really whinned in his ear today when he called. But he, and his Pollyanna spirit, kindly reminded me that we are so much better off than other people ... even went on to share some of the garbage happening in LA and that made me feel very small (just for a moment or two.) Anyway ... here's hoping for some progress this next week ... As I'd hate to be in sin for too long being so angry!! Just PMS'ing in Idaho.

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gramma_s said...

I wish I could find a big frowny face like you have at the top, that's just the way I feel some times. With interest rates going up it means one less goodie in the new house, for everytime they go up. right? :-) Maybe I should put your frowny face there instead of a smily face.