"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Saturday, June 17, 2006

"Kickin N Screamin"

Yesterday, I psyced myself up to have Nathan's blood drawn in order to complete his yearly physical. Having Down syndrome, he needs to have his thyroid checked once in a while. The doctor's exam was weeks ago ... and last week I even took him to our local lab only to find out that kids are usually sent to the larger office that has more than one staff member. When we pulled up to the building, he thought we were at a hotel and that he could go to his room to watch a movie. He knew something was up when I slipped out my insurance card and handed it to the receptionist. Off he took, out the door and down the hallway, myself running a fast pace just to catch him ... only to have him turn into a puddle of Jello on the floor and become impossible to pick up! There was just no reasoning with him ... I had to use brute strength to manage him back into the lab. Of course, we had to wait a few minutes until our turn ... he crawled under the chair I was sitting on as I held him by the collar. When his name was called, we proceeded back to the lab without much problem ... until he saw the chair with the fold-out arms ... they gave us the "supersized" chair. Sitting him on my lap, I used all my strength to wrap my legs around his and both of my arms holding this flailing octopus. Three people in all helped control the little nymph. When all was done ... he wailed for a period of time something about wanting to "cut" off his arm. Not sure what he meant ... he uses that expression whenever he has a boo-boo. Everyone in the waiting room heard the whole procedure and applauded him when he came out. Proudly he showed them his sparkly bandaid and babbled, "Cut ... ccccut ... ccccut ... ccccut." I'm putting in for a combat pay raise with dh.
Photo: Nathan, age 10


Mrs. Darling said...

Oh my what a trauma. But on the other hand that is so cute! Maybe he does think his arm is cut, poor kid.
He's just adorable!

gramma_s said...

I see Mrs. Darling has been here. She tells the truth when she says your child is adorable. When she was in her teens she worked at a home for the handicapped, and she also babysat for a downs child. She loves them and is very good with them. (if I have to say so myself) :-) Of course I think he's adorable too.