"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Weekend Agenda

To Do List:
  1. help finish up college scholarship applications with Ann
  2. finish sewing bedroom drapes
  3. clean hard surfaced floors
  4. laundry (always)
  5. watch the grandbaby part of Sat. & Sun.
  6. take myself & the dawg for a hike
  7. bake cookies
  8. ponder turning 50 next month (oiy vey!)
  9. decide what (career) I want to do when I grow up (& don't have kids at home) ... aah never mind
  10. pray hard and devise a plan to somehow get to church ... if not ... have a Bible study at home.
  11. call the folks


Amrita said...

i am coming over for the cookies. And drive carefully. God bless

Pat said...

I'm right behind Amrita.
What kind of cookies are we having? I'll bring the coffee or tea or even hot chocolate, which one is your preference?

Mrs. Mac said...

Amrita ... be careful as you 'drive' across the ocean ... keep your feet dry ;) ... I'll bake comfort cookies (chocolate chip) ... Oooh, Pat is bringing the tea ... can't wait.

Elder Smith said...

Hey, don't forget to stop by and visit us too!

Tammy and Parker

Jim said...

Is this starting Sunday? Or is it finished on Sunday?

Amrita said...

Point 8...Age is just a number and you can be young once but immature forever!LOL

I was just focusing on developing my blog, now I am ready to post I think.

Mrs. Mac said...

Amrita ... aaah, yes, to the being immature part of life (lol)

Jim ... most of the to list will be my ta da list by the end of the day. But the hiking with the dog may have to wait ... we have drifting snow today ... I don't want to end up buried and forgotten along the roadway ;)

Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Tammy & Parker ... I know you guys are shut-in's too ... we'll have to make a special visit out your way.

Sara said...

wow, you're busy! i better come right over there and help! tell nathan we'll go out for fries.

david mcmahon said...

G'day Mrs Mac,

I simple HAD TO come here from Amrita's blog.

Want to know why? I'm a Mr Mac, so I had to check out the link to Mrs Mac.

What a lively blog and I can see you really enjoy your life.

God bless


Jim said...

Hi MM. Thanks for the visit. I take it you finished your list or else are procrastinating by blogging.

I left a snow shovel in New Hampshire when I left and also one in Nebraska. Do you have one? That was before snow blowers.

You might want to come back, I mentioned that today is "Most Depressing Day of the Year" or "Blue Monday" just a few minutes after you commented on the Sunday one.



Jada's Gigi said...

wish I was closer..we'd definitley have that bible study at your place or mine. I know what its like to be needing some fellowship. As for turning 50...oivey is right!! you can go first and let me know how it is..I'm not there til summer....

Saija said...

i read a neat e-mail today about the " done list " ... about things we've already gotten accomplished during the day, so our to do list doesn't overwhelm us ...

blessings on ya!