"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Friday, January 11, 2008

Baby's "Booty"

With the arrival of my first grandson last March, this grandma has begun to outfit a home nursery with: playpen, car seat, diapers, formula, etc. It's like starting all over again. Last week the roads were in poor condition from the snow ... and son-in-law could not make it up the hill to pick up Jacob (some days I have to pick up the baby from his daddy at the local bar's parking lot (hee, hee) which is the closest area with plowed morning roads). I kept the baby overnight and said I would drive him home in the morning. Well, I forgot I didn't have a car seat yet when making this statement. Ann had to leave late for school so I could drive my 11 year old Nathan to the bus stop (minus the baby) ... Now all that's missing is a proper high chair. I'm sure next payday, that will be on my shopping list.


Constance said...

When our first grand-daughter, Jelly Bean was born, Jess was living back home with us. I had been picking up stuff for her while she was pregnant and eventually we reverted back to BabyWorld around here. I am happy to say that except for the potty chair, it's all gone once again! Of course, I don't keep any of my grandkids, except occasional overnighters. If we had a bigger house, I love the idea of having a guest bedroom that was strictly a kids room for them!

Jada's Gigi said...

I did the same thing...:) and i Love your snow day project!

Jim said...

Thank you, MM, for saying hello. I've slowed down on blogging and was a little down too.
Maybe that explains why my only reading so far this weekend is Cliff, Lori, Janell, Cheyenne, Merle, and you.
You even read the corny Spice Girl worst dressed at that!
Thank you to all [five] of you who came and said 'hi.' [Merle named me in her blog!]
I left my snow shovel in New Hampshire and never had any snow shoes. So I can't help you one bit.
When we were in Nebraska the first part of December they had snow up there for us. Nice and freshly falling, we got to play and drive in it.
I posted on that, I think you peeked there and then too?

Amrita said...

That 's a cute playpen