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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Green Thumb?

Yesterday on my shopping adventure, I spied the 75% discount rack at our local Target store. There, out in front, were boxes of Chia Garden Herb kits on sale for $3.98. Now being that there will be no local farm veggies for quite some time, I decided to try my green thumb at growing windowsill herbs to liven up my winter dishes. If this method proves 'fruitful' I may just have hubby build me a small green house or cold frame to extend the outdoor growing season. As it is, I only have two south facing windows needed to grow indoor seedlings. Just think how big this cottage industry could get!

Here's another example of windowsill gardening:
Another after Christmas deep discount ($3.00 @ TJ Maxx) ... kit included bulb and bulb jar. This is a fragrant paper white bulb I planted about two weeks ago. It's just about ready to bloom. Did I mention the second south facing window is in my bathroom ... guess that narrows my valuable herb garden space ;) There are many bulbs you can 'force' to grow including hyacinth.

If you are interested in brightening up your winter windowsill and can't find a bulb jar, you can use a small (approx. 6 inches tall) carafe available at a craft or kitchen store) as shown above. Directions can be found here

Bulbs may or may not be easy to find this time of the year. Last time I checked at Walmart a few weeks ago, they had oodles of hyacinth bulbs at just pennies a piece.

BTW, I didn't put my paper white bulb in cold storage ... just filled the jar with water and within a few days it started to sprout. Hope you try this fun project. I'll post a few progress pictures as my herbs start to grow and the flowers bloom.

Photos: By Mrs. Mac ... all copyrighted ... except the Chia Herb Gardening one ;)


Amrita said...

How lovely Mrs Mac. I like your window sill garden and bulbs.
What are you growing?

A glass house is a good idea.Fir our fierce summers we need grass houses.

Why did you put the ziplocs over the plants?

I will post pictures of our roses which i took this morning.

Mrs. Mac said...

Amrita ... the herbs are: basil, parsley, marjoram, and cilantro (there were six packs to choose from) ... the baggies over the pots act like a mini greenhouse trapping moisture and warmth until the seeds hatch.)

david mcmahon said...

Great idea, Mrs Mac

Did I tell you that I am the king of Melbourne gardeners?

Love the idea of indoor seedlings. It could make you a gazillionaire.

Bye for now

Mr Mac

Constance said...

I am back from my trip and catching up. I love the herb garden idea, I've been thinking of doing that very same thing for quite some time now!

Loved the moose picture!

Which "baby part" did you watch?
Tee Hee!

Maggie Ann said...

I've always thought that would be nice to try.

Tammy and Parker said...

I have an herb garden that grows down the side of my property line. I love that herb garden. Reed used old cinder blocks to give it a romantic 1920's feel when he built it. You'd have to see it to believe that it really is gorgeous with those blocks. hee,hee

This spring go plant those herbs out in your garden and then let them go wild......and them bring 'em back in for the winter again!

Tammy and Parker