"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside

Beautiful ... but cold
Cloud free skies
Lots of sunshine
No picnic today
Better bundle up baby!

Suffering from a case of cabin fever, Mrs. Mac went on a little (kid free) outing yesterday. With unusually cold temps, she made her way from the warmth of her home nestled in the mountains of North Idaho to snap nature photos, purchase sewing supplies, and bring back snacks for the kids. What a grand adventure ;)

Copyrighted photos taken by Mrs. Mac on 1/21/08: A frozen Lake in North Idaho, icicles hanging from a rocky outcrop, icicles hanging from Mrs. Mac's garage, her backyard picnic table ... not in use today, part of her self-plowed driveway, last night's moon rise ... what a gal that Mrs. Mac ;) ;)


~Robin said...

Wow, gorgeous nature photos. Why did I imagine Idaho to be more rocky & barren like Nevada?
blessings on your new home!

Sara said...

i think your day was much nicer than mine. wanna trade?

Kelly said...

Well, hi there Mrs Mac. I'm by Boise, which is now very cold, and far from pretty. We get cold enough for everything to die, but it doesn't snow enough to make the landscape woth looking at. Too bad!Maybe that's why ~robin imagines that this state resembles Nevada.

Pat said...

BRRRrrr, but beautiful.

Amrita said...

Icing on the cake. Yeah itrs cold but the icicles look pretty

Maggie Ann said...

What beautiful pictures and lay-outs of words. Content sounds familiar. =)

Terry said...

Oh Boy Mrs. Mac! You DID get lots of snow and ice and cold weather!! I hope you are satisfied!! NO WONDER you sent a pile of it down our way!!...Love Terry