"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mr. Mac Is Pulling The Plug

... no, not on life support silly, just his day job. Can't believe it, but his retirement is in the extreme countdown phase. He soon will say goodbye to the PD and hello dear family that I have missed for the last two years, except for occasional visits. End of watch date is set for May 9th. His locker count down clock must be sensing it's usefulness is about over. I'm beginning to prepare to live on his pension by paying off any outstanding bills and learning to just say no to items that call out to me from the shelves at Walmart ;) Looking for ad matches and coupon clipping will by my new past time. I've already begun limiting my extra trips to town to conserve gasoline. Mr. Mac is not ready to sit at home on our front porch rockers. He plans on getting another job for about five more years. This is definitely gonna require some adjustments.


Pat said...

I felt a bit panicked when Hal retired - it wasn't a time he chose, instead it was a forced retirement of the top 18 men. It truly is an adjustment, the biggest being my time alone during his shift! It all works out - even living on a pension....I didn't say living well....just living! LOL! Enjoy your new time together - I'm sure everyone is more then ready to be reunited as a family.
Will you be able to keep your medical benefits? We are so thankful that our continued - it's so important.

Maggie Ann said...

You are a wonderful adjuster to life. I admire you Mrs.Mac. We are big coupon users. Hubby is working part time just now due to health problems with his feet and how it cuts into my blogging time...grin. Its ok though, I love to have him at home whenever I can. Hope you are having a great January...thats a wonderful picture of your two men you posted, and your very handsome dog.

Amrita said...

Hi Mrs Mac, it will be great to have Mr Mac home.It will be re-fire-ment, as he plans to works for another 5 years.

Constance said...

We are still 8-10 years away for that. Our plan for 2008 is to find our land in which to retire upon. The thought of building a cabin is exciting but very overwhelming!

Margie said...

that's awesome!! It'll be an adjustment, but it will be great!

Sometimes when I watch the ads and match my coupons (those are done strategically you know) I get stuff for almost free!! I got 3 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breats for $2. It was great!!

Jim said...

Hi MM -- Mr. Mac will enjoy his retirement. Yes, you will have to adjust to him being around.
I ruined Mrs. Jim's routine when I started staying home. I like to sleep till eight, she was getting up at six-fifteen with me before. Her house work was finished by eight before I was there.
A lot of other things like that too, it just begins for you in the morning.

I looked at WalMart greeter jobs but opted not to do that. (I didn't look very long.) I thought I might do income taxes and write wills. Didn't do that.
I didn't do anything.

Mr. Gourmet Chia Herb (aren't those names backwards, first name last?) keeps staring at me.
We didn't have anything to plug our bulbs into. So I put some BATTERY strobe lights in our windows. That way it doesn't have to be just on the south side of the house.

Keep us posted on retirement. My bro-in-law says with his pension and SS, and his Mrs. Jim's SS they make more money than before he retired from his Iowa school.
Not so at the Jim's. We have hardly any SS at all because we were both in the Texas Schools.
The Feds take away more than half of what Mrs. Jim earned and 25% of mine.

All's well that ends well. This post, work and wife retirement.
I think you and kiddo will like having Mr. Mac there full time.
Bon compagnie!

Tammy and Parker said...

You can so do this. Come on over if you need a tutorial on coupons and ad matches. I feed a family of 7 on an amazingly teeny tiny grocery budget.

If I can do it.....you will be da bomb! hee,hee

Tammy and Parker

Janet Rubin said...

Congrats?? My hubby can retire from the fire dept in 3 - 7 years. I can't imagine him here all the time. for our 13 years of marriage, i've had the place to myself every other day and night. fortunately he is a working fanatic and will always be off doing something!

~Robin said...

oh, you'll definitely be in my prayers for the adjustment ahead!
bless you~