"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Moose On The Loose

Over the past several weeks I have personally spied four different moose just 25 feet from my dining room windows. One cow and calf together ... a bull ... and a 'youth.' At the first sighting my dawg was out roaming our property, and when she cautiously tried to inspect mama and baby (with raised fur and tail) ... she was given a little warning charge from said mama (my dawg is not too bright, eh). I am forever checking outside when it's time to take out the trash. I'm wondering how many times the moose visit at night when I'm not watching ??. We sometimes have the hoof prints of a mini deer & moose freeway trotting through our snow. That does it! My bedroom drapes are going up this week ... lazy or not!

(Stock moose photo ... I'm not CRAZY!)


Pat said...

Are you getting that funny feeling that something is watching you? Yep, maybe it's time to stop flashing the wildlife!! LOL!

Julia Dutta said...

Hello Mrs Mac,

Read your profile and must say as it has come straight from the heart, it is so appealing.

Tell me, is the character Big Moose which we came across in Archie comics, inspired by this moose! In fact this is the first time, I have seen one. Nice, clear picture. Loved it.

Northeast Iowa Mom said...

Ooooh, how exciting! I hope you can take a photo (through the windows) of the Mama and Mooselet for us.

Amrita said...

I love your moose. She looks so sweet.I wonder if it would bit if you got close.

Someone gave my sis and family some moose meat in NB.

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Anonymous said...

I love it. Is the lot next to you vacant, maybe I can buy it. I would love to have wildlife coming up to my window, bedromm, living room, kitchen what ever room. At least the moose can't tell their neighbor what they seen. :-) Although my son had a couger at his window one night. That would be kinda scarey. Mr Cougar scratched and scratched and couldn't get in. Luckily he ran off around the house before my son had a heart attack. Nezt morning his footprint was pretty plain to see in the dust on the porch. Love you, gramma_s Thanks for your comments on my site you are an encouragement to me.

Sara said...

oh mrs mac, i can't wait to come visit!

Tiffy B said...

Mrs. Mac,
I really didn't think you were in a wildlife reserve until I saw the close-up of that moose....How exciting to look out your window and see that staring back at you. I'm hoping we will get to see some of the wildlife on our visit in March. Can't wait! So glad I'm able to post again. Just hope I get better at it.

Tiffy aka Mom

Jim said...

You'd better do the curtains, MM!
I saw today on Letterman about the guy who dresses up in animal costumes.

Mrs. Mac said...

Pat ... I'm very careful not to strut around in the nude ;) ... I don't flash.

Julia ... I'm glad you popped half way around the world for a visit. I check out your blog and enjoyed visiting the Lodi Gardens in India.

Iowa Mom ... I just recharged my camera's battery ... and have it standing by for the next moosie visit.

Yes, Amrita ... moose will bite, stomp, charge and even kill you perhaps ... thank goodness they usually just visit in the winter when we spend more time inside.

Gramma_s ... I'm not sure about the lot next door being available ... no for sale sign up ... I think if I saw cougar tracks by my bedroom's sliding door I'd sleep with my shotgun near the door ;)

Sara ... now that you have a new job, I think you have to wait a while before they let you take a vacation ;)

Tiffy ... I'm glad you figured out how to post again ... practice, practice, practice. I'm looking forward to your visit in March.

Mr. Jim ... now don't go making up tall Texas tales.

KJP said...

My father lived in Fairbanks for a decade and he would write every year at how the moose in winter had to be peeping toms because there was no other reason for them to be on his porch and looking in....